Are You Looking for an Easy, Straightforward Way to Transfer Data Between Two Android Devices? Details

You can keep your important files by transferring data from Android to Android using the steps below.

Need to know how to move information from one Android to another? Read on to find out how easy it is once you know how.

When you open one of the best Android phones, it’s exciting, but when you find that none of your apps, photos, or contacts have transferred to your new device, it can really ruin your day.

Google has made it simple to transfer data between phones, so it only takes a few taps once you have your data backup ready. After you’re finished, you’re coming and can return to utilizing your number one Android applications.

How to transfer data from Android to Android

  • Back up your data in System settings
  • Back up your photos using Google Photos
  • Turn on your new phone
  • Select Backup from an Android phone
  • Select Set up and restore on your old phone
  • Select Set up the nearby device and choose your new phone
  • Follow the on-screen steps on your new phone

You will need to make a backup first before you transfer anything. Before beginning the transfer, if you haven’t already, follow the steps below to back up your photos and data. Skip to the final section if you have already backed up your pictures and data to your Google account.

How to backup data on Android

1. Select System settings after opening the Settings app on your phone and scrolling down.

2. Select Back up and reset once more as you scroll down.

3. Select “Back up my data.” App data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings will be backed up to Google servers by this.

How to transfer data from Android to Android

1. Turn on your new phone and insert your SIM card. After that, join Wi-Fi. A pop-up asking you if you want to copy apps and data from an older phone will appear during the start-up process. Select an Android phone backup.

2. Open the Settings app on your old phone, then select Google.

3. As yet utilizing your old telephone, select Set up and re-establish. Select Set up the nearby device after that. Now, your phone will look for devices nearby.

4. From the list, select the model number of your new phone.

5. After that, confirm the screen lock for your previous phone by tapping “Next.” Tap Copy next.

6. Sign in with your Google account on your new phone, then confirm the screen lock on your old phone once more (this time on the new device).

7. To finally transfer your data to your new phone, tap “Restore.”

Also, you’re finished! As can be seen, there are a few steps involved, but once you know how, data transfer between Android phones is simple. Fortunately, Google’s on-screen instructions make it simple to follow the process, which will slightly differ depending on the devices you use.

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