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At 74-years Old, Samuel L. Jackson Shows That It’s Never Too Late to Set Your Priorities: the Beloved Actor Just Got Trolled on Twitter for Admitting His Affinity for Adult Content!

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It was a big deal when Samuel L. Jackson turned 74. The actor from Pulp Fiction startled his 9 million Twitter followers when he began favoriting sexual videos on the day of his birth. Users began to berate the actor, and some of them even gave him social media advice. Since several of his followers saw multiple severe p*rn*graphic films on his profile’s “likes” section, some people think he really started a Twitter frenzy.

Yes, he left a negative impression on Twitter since he didn’t seem to understand that his “likes” on the social media platform were accessible to everyone. According to reports, the Hollywood celebrity celebrated his birthday on Wednesday (December 21) by watching a number of pornographic videos.

Jackson corrected the error after being alerted by several followers.

The error Samuel L. Jackson made on Twitter after liking obscene material

On Wednesday, December 21, the renowned actor used his verified Twitter account to like a number of sexual movies. Later, a large portion of the actor’s Twitter followers started sending him amusing messages to make up for his oversight. But by then, several followers had screenshotted the “likes” page on his Twitter, which they subsequently posted again on the website.

Although Jackson ultimately removed his likes from the pornographic post, his action wasn’t soon enough as the posts were still viewed by numerous people within hours. Major internet news sources reported the tragedy in great detail.

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Thousands of people commented on the birthday “oopsie” on social media. Fans of Samuel L. Jackson and users were worried about the actor’s reputation. They started tweeting to him to let him know about this error. One user was very concise and to the point, taking care to explain the platform’s functionality to the actor.

Samuel L. Jackson, 74, likes Twitter porn, that’s a man with his priorities in order, wrote one user in a tweet.

After the critical error, fans alert Samuel L Jackson.

However, other fans didn’t think it funny that the Jackie Brown star was being mocked, especially on his birthday. Someone asserted that people “calling” Jackson out for partaking in p*rn were vile bullies. Even those who chastised Jackson for his likes appeared to be warning him that his participation in the postings was becoming public rather than trying to harass him. Others found the episode amusing and exploited the chance to make it seem silly.

Well, given that Samuel L. Jackson is a renowned actor with a lengthy number of noteworthy films to his credit, who are we to condemn his birthday celebrations? The actor from Unbreakable can celebrate his birthday in the privacy of his own home without worrying about being publicly shamed on social media.

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