Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Was Recently Called Out by a Social Media Model, Know the Real Story

Georgina Rodriguez, a supermodel, has once more come under fire for her attitude. A social media model named Paola Saolino recently criticised Rodriguez for possessing a haughty and conceited attitude.

The supermodel had earlier used Instagram to criticise Portugal’s coach for underestimating her husband Cristiano Ronaldo. Without Ronaldo, Rodriguez was only as good as a shop Assistant, continued Saolino. Rodriguez has already received criticism for her attitude. Her other sister Patricia Rodriguez recently stated that her younger sister has taken advantage of her financial condition.

Georgina Rodriguez is reprimanded for her rude attitude

A social media lady named Paola Saolino recently called out and attacked the Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez. It happened that after Spanish supermodel previously criticised Fernando Santos, the head coach of the Portugal football team.

Cristiano Ronaldo was in tears after Cristiano Portugal’s team lost to Morocco. Again for 37-year-old football player, this was likely his final shot to earn the Fifa for his nation. The wife of the soccer player, however, attributed the defeat to the management and coach of the Portugal team. The following day, she stated via Instagram story, Today your partner and coach made the incorrect decision. Also referred to as her most powerful weapon, the model’s hubby. Ronaldo should not be underrated because he was the world’s Best Player, the author continued.

Both of Ronaldo’s sisters participated, and one of them wrote.

It’s difficult to say, but the intelligent pundits from Portugal oops, they’ve left must be concerned about losing their jobs.

However, it’s evident that not everyone concurs with what she has Saolino stated on social media,

She is now having to discuss about football by criticising the tactics and lineups used by the Portugal coach.

She was also chastised for her haughty and arrogant attitude because, without Ronaldo, her comments were meaningless.

She merely needs to appreciate Ronaldo for not working as a shop assistant, Saolino continued. Since her renowned husband is the only reason for her prominence.

Her Sister also called her out on it.

When Georgina Rodriguez’s older sister Patricia Rodriguez appeared on the television show Socialite in February, Patricia accused her of criticising Georgina’s financial situation. She disclosed, saying,

Georgina chuckles and finds comfort at my current financial predicament and is ashamed of me.

Additionally, she said that the younger sister had only made fun of her. Patricia Rodriguez claims that she just requested assistance from her model sister for her kids. And that she’d never before requested money from her.

As Ronaldo’s girlfriend entirely cut her sister out of her life, the two sisters grew apart. Also referring to her sister as a scoundrel, Patricia Rodriguez And continued by saying that she had lived without a definite house for three years while her haughty sister had already been living opulently during that time.


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