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Did Emancipation Teach Will Smith a Lesson Post-Oscar Slap? What’s the Facts

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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One name from Mayan Lopez in addition to Selenis Leyva’s list of 2023 Golden Globe nominees stood out as existence noticeably absent on December 12. It’s none other than Will Smith, who beforehand made headlines for his notorious Chris Rock Oscar slapping incident.

When Smith customary his first-ever Academy Award for best actor for the character of King Richard, the ‘slap’ looked to overshadow the achievement of his major professional milestone. And now his respect slave drama, Emancipation, has been completely spurned at the box office. Will Smith’s career is still grief as a result of the infamous Chris Rock blow at the Oscars, which occurred almost nine months ago.

After the Hollywood actor dispatched a lengthy apology for the Oscars slap, US comedian Chris Rock officially refused to accept Smith’s apology, requesting Smith was just trying to practice being a “victim.”

The I am Fable star walked up to the stage and smacked comedian Chris Rock for talking about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair through the 2022 Academy Awards. “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking opening,” Smith yelled, hurling some punitive words. The Academy Awards officials were not happy with the incident and banned Smith from future actions of the Academy.

The freshest Smith film, Emancipation (2022), which he has thought to be particularly “dear” to him, hasn’t done as well as he had trusted. It has been completely contradictory. The 53-year-old actor, who recently refunded from a break, is aware that he still has some “making up to do” in time besides making sure he is “putting in the work” to improve his mental health. Giving to an insider, “Will knows it’s going to be a long road to recovery and many people won’t forgive him. But this bumps it home.”

Tom Cruise avoiding his friend’s post-ill-famed Oscars slap

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Not just moviegoers are cold-shouldering his return to the big screen. Tom Cruise, an old acquaintance of Will Smith in Hollywood, is allegedly circumventing the actor as a result of the “slap heard around the world,” according to bases. According to an insider, the Men in Black actor “has moved toward Tom several times, trying to reconnect and see if they can hang out and brainstorm on projects together.”

The actor believes that a decent movie with Cruise would ensure his comeback. But Cruise isn’t biting and didn’t even answer Smith when he offered to fly to London if that would be more suitable.

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