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Did Mariah Carey Lose the Bid for the “Queen of Christmas” Title? Know the Truth and Who Else Can Come to the Crown

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The monarch appears to be abdicating her throne. Mariah Carey’s timeless holiday song, All I Want For Christmas Is You, becomes popular every year when the winter winds begin to blow and the Christmas spirit gradually takes hold.

Along with breaking records and reaching new heights, Carey’s Christmas jokes also continue to be popular despite being worn out. However, it appears like Carey is losing her grip on the biggest holiday of the year this year since the song is falling short of all previous predictions.

The modern Christmas hit by Carey debuted at number one on the Billboard Global 200 and the Billboard Global Excl. U.S. charts on December 25, was dubbed the biggest song in the world by Billboard last season.

All I Want for Christmas Is You this year has been a huge letdown thus far.

Chan told Variety that Christmas existed before we were born and, ideally, will continue long after we are all gone. And I strongly believe that no one person should dominate or cling to everything related to Christmas in the way that Mariah aspires to do forever.

Mariah Carey appears to have experienced a jolt, whether it was on the radio or online platforms. The popular Christmas song, which usually goes viral practically as soon as Thanksgiving is over, is now doing okay. By this time of the year, the song typically peaked in the top 5, and occasionally even the top spot. Average Spotify and iTunes statistics, however, indicate that the song is currently below even the tenth spot. The song is specifically at number 35 on the iTunes album list. Everyone is quite surprised by this.

All I Want for Christmas Is You had previously been the undisputed holiday anthem, even surpassing Jingle Bells and White Christmas.

Even if not figuratively, the 52-year-old had proclaimed herself the Queen of Christmas. The money that her song still earns from chart-topping streams—a tune composed by Walter Afanasieff and produced in the Phil Spector style—means that the queen has never been in need. However, the magic now appears to have faded. Who is at fault, then?

Are Mariah Carey’s diva ways getting old with the crowd?

According to reports, the singer of the song is solely to blame for the song’s underwhelming performance this year.

Carey’s most recent live performance was evidence that she appeared to have taken the success of her song for granted. The vocalist of Without You recently took the stage during Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, and numerous spectators criticized her performance for being sloth-like. She hardly moved at throughout the act, which had very little entertainment value due to its lack of vigor.

Carey is an extremely popular singer with a staggering net worth of about $340 million, but that doesn’t excuse her from underdelivering in front of a crowd that has reportedly grown tired of her and her so-called diva attitude. And this might be a major factor in the song’s decline on global charts.

Christmas is only a few weeks away, so who knows if the spectral Christmas song may come back to life and frighten us?

According to U.S. Patent and Trademark records, Carey submitted an application for the title’s rights in March 2021 to use it to promote perfume, apparel, footwear, and beverages.

Darlene Love, famous for her 1963 hit Christmas Baby Please Come Home, and Elizabeth Chan, another Christmas singer-songwriter, weren’t pleased when the application was made public in July 2022.

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