Fusionsolar Smart String Ess Solution: Multi-level Active Protection for Ultimate Safety!! Everything You Need to Know in One Click

Introduction: In addition to batteries, an energy storage system (ESS) is a comprehensive system that incorporates digital, electrochemical, power electronics, and thermal technologies.

The energy storage market is expanding at a breakneck rate as renewable energy adoption continues to rise. Safety has grown to be a crucial issue in the industry as a result of this expansion.

The rapid expansion of the ESS market all over the world is due to its central role in emerging energy systems. According to a report by Wood Mackenzie, the total capacity of energy storage worldwide could reach 741 gigawatt-hours (GWh) by 2030 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31%.

Despite this, battery energy storage plants continue to experience occasional safety incidents that put employees at risk and result in significant financial losses.

The fundamental components of a battery energy storage system (BESS) are lithium batteries. Thermal runaway can occur when battery cells are rapidly heated by both internal and external sources.

This could let out gases that are explosive and flammable, which could lead to fires or even explosions. Typically, a number of issues in lithium BESSs can result in safety incidents:

  • Defects in the manufacturing process, lithium plating-induced short circuits, and inconsistent battery cells.
  • accelerating the deterioration of battery cells by circulating currents between lithium battery racks.
  • Internal short circuits are caused by abnormal currents and overheating, as well as external short circuits are caused by insulation failures.
  • Outside ecological changes, for example, high temperature and high dampness, speed up lithium battery maturing and cause protection disappointments and shortcircuits, bringing about warmth out of control.
  • Failure of the battery monitoring system as a result of inadequate information sharing between the Battery Management System (BMS), Energy Management System (EMS), and Power Conversion System (PCS), or improper configuration and coordination.
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Battery monitoring and management must be refined not only at the system level but also at the rack level, pack level, and even cell level in order to guarantee the safety of the entire ESS.

FusionSolar is the pioneer of the Smart String ESS Solution, which features innovative battery pack and rack level optimization, multi-level safety protection with refined monitoring and charge/discharge management of the ESS, and achieves higher available battery capacity and increased safety by leveraging decades of extensive R&D investment and practical application of electrochemical, power electronics, and digital technologies.

For maximum safety, the FusionSolar Smart String ESS Solution employs multiple levels of safety design.

Structural Safety

In order to guarantee stable, ongoing monitoring and fire protection, the solution design isolates the fire control cabins, rack-level optimizers, and batteries. The container’s anti-corrosion level is C5, and the system can withstand earthquakes up to a magnitude of 9. The system’s overall protection rating is IP55.

Electrical Safety

Comprehensive overcurrent protection is provided by four levels of active control and two levels of physical isolation. When overcurrent is detected, the system causes the BMS to limit the software-side current of battery packs and racks.

The battery pack and rack optimizers will “four-level” shut down the system from the hardware side of the fault and gets worse. Finally, the “two-level” system level fault will be prevented by the circuit breaker and fuse.

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Additionally, the voltage of the battery pack terminals is zero when the ESS is not running, such as during transportation or installation, assisting in the prevention of accidents for personnel working in construction and operations and maintenance.

Fire Safety

Multiple temperatures, humidity, and smoke sensors are included in the FusionSolar Smart String ESS Solution. These sense cautioning factors in the climate. For instance, in order to prevent explosions and fire, the sensors automatically expel flammable gas when they detect it. To put out the fire and stop the accident from getting any worse, an extinguisher is immediately released after the exhaust system is turned off.

AI-based BMS Intelligent Alarming

An innovative, patented AI-based short-circuit algorithm is used in the solution. This algorithm can intelligently detect internal short-circuits inside battery cells, allowing for early detection, early warning, and protection of multiple levels of linkage.

As we work toward carbon neutrality, safety is always our top priority.FusionSolar is committed to providing ESS solutions that are safer and more dependable by continuing to invest in research and development and drawing on its extensive knowledge of power electronics, thermal, artificial intelligence, and digital technologies.

The company will also continue to collaborate with customers and partners in the industry to accelerate carbon neutrality for a greener future.

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