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Google Pixel Users Are Facing Issues While Using ‘stop’ or ‘snooze’ Voice Commands for Alarms They Say It Has Not Been Working Consistently

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By saying “Hey Google,” followed by the command, you can do most of your chores while using Google Assistant on a Pixel phone.

It was introduced as a Pixel-only feature in February 2017. Later, though, it was made available for non-Pixel devices as well.

Since its debut, Google has updated Assistant with several new capabilities to further enhance the user experience.

Additionally, Google added support for Quick phrases with the Pixel 6, enabling you to use some voice commands without saying “Hey Google.” For instance, all you have to do to handle an alarm is say “stop” or “snooze.”

Similar results will be obtained if you use the phrase Snooze.

shopping mode The Google Assistant that comes preinstalled on Pixels has always offered features that are a step above the Google Assistant seen on other popular Android phones.

Modern AI capabilities are possible with pixels, mainly because of their outstanding software algorithms. The greatest voice dictation, translation, and other special capabilities are all available with Pixels. The way you communicate with your device is altered by voice commands.

For incoming calls, you can similarly utilize the shorthand terms “answer” or “decline.” This increases the convenience of using Google Assistant.

However, several Pixel 6 owners soon after its release claimed that the Quick phrases option isn’t available for them in settings.

Voice alarm commands to “stop” or “snooze” Pixel not working

Additionally, some Pixel users are now complaining that the voice commands to “stop” or “snooze” alarms do not always function as intended. Some even claim that for their phone to work, they have to yell at it.

Some users who were successful in making it function claimed that they needed to say “stop” several times before the alarm would go off. It’s not the best answer though because it gets bothersome.

You might want to try reducing the alarm volume somewhat as a temporary fix. Your device will be able to comprehend the commands and respond appropriately as a result.

It no longer recognizes the command as well as it once did, and you have to almost yell at your phone to get it to work. There is currently no way to modify the sensitivity for Hey Shoppingmode Google on your phone, according to several users.

Others have reported that for the phone to recognize this instruction, you must now repeat it numerous times. For people accustomed to this function, it can become quite irksome and bothersome.

It’s unclear whether this issue first cropped up following the December patch or if it was a problem beforehand.

Although Google hasn’t yet acknowledged this problem, customers can currently use whichever of the aforementioned alternatives they deem most practical.

We are hoping that the developers will find a permanent fix for this bug. And when they do, we’ll update this story to let you know.

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