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Here’s Why Sheri Easterling Married Life is So Complicated and Are the Rumors of Her Divorce True?

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Sheri Easterling, the mother of Addison Rae, and rapper Yung Gravy made their red-carpet relationship official at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) after they shared a kiss and posed for multiple photos together.

The action has raised questions as to whether Sheri Easterling and Monty Lopez have already divorced.

Taking a moment to speak. Sheri Easterling, the mother of Addison Rae, spoke out after Monty Lopez was suspected of adultery.

Everyone concerned finds it difficult and stressful when personal concerns are made public, the 42-year-old mother of three wrote on Thursday, July 7. I’ll be alright. My children, with their vulnerable hearts, brains and innocence, are and always will be my top priority over anything else. I’ll always try to put my hardest and best to keep them safe and feel secure.

Lopez, 46, and Easterling are joint parents of Rae, 21, Enzo, 14, and Lucas, Renée Ash, 25, alleged earlier this week that she already had an affair with Lopez and that he also misrepresented the state of his marriage to Easterling. Ash’s record of her accused relationship with Lopez was first reported by Page Six, which contacted Lopez for comment. Lopez did not respond. Lopez was also contacted after the Us Weekly response about the claims which were spreading.

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Rae’s mother explicitly stated that she is currently and completely focusing on her children’s rather than confirming or anything as denying the affair. I want to make sure they feel safe and secure and that they have confidence that everything will be okay,

She went on. I want to thank everyone for your kindness, support, and unconditional love. It truly means a lot more to me than anything.

The TikTok celebrity and star disclosed that her parents split when she was just a little child and had a sporadic relationship thereafter in a 2020 episode of her public podcast. Even though they were remarried in 2017, Rae claimed that her parents’ conflict and issues caused the family to relocate frequently.

The Louisiana native noted You were a single parent for a good several years, on an episode of That Was Fun? with her mother in July 2020. For me, from about 3 to 6. Dad didn’t participate much in my life. That was probably a decision you made on a personal level with Dad.

I’m confident that you two already made it clear that we would require some space. We must take our time to make decisions.

Lopez would swing around briefly now and then, according to Easterling, but not frequently. As a result, she decided to start her own company to provide for her family. The He’s All That actress recalls, You always sent me to work with you. I was at your workplace with you, and that’s where I recall being all the time.

Rae questioned her mother on how she managed to move on while managing a failing business and being a sole parent at the same time.

Because my business didn’t succeed, I always felt like a failure, Easterling retorted. It’s a big deal, yet everything will work out. You’re not out of luck just yet. You’ll be ok, I assure you.

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