How to Move Photos on Your Phone to a Micro Sd Card!! Everything You Need to Know is Here!!

Although many Android phones offer the option to expand storage with microSD cards, we wish that all phones come with unlimited storage pre-installed. The Google Pixel 4 is an example of a phone that doesn’t support microSD cards, but those that do can increase storage space for your photos, music, movies, and app data! Having said that, you won’t be able to take advantage of these advantages unless you set up your device properly.


The available storage determines where your camera app saves photos. The phone itself is typically the default in most situations. Changing that will greatly simplify your life, particularly now that you have a microSD card installed.

As a result, any new photos you take will be automatically saved to the microSD card rather than your computer’s hard drive.

Note: These steps are taken from the Samsung Camera app and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but they should be similar on most devices with a MicroSD slot.

  1. Open your Camera app.
  2. Tap Settings (the gear icon).

3. Scroll down and tap Storage location.

4. Tap the SD card.

The camera app will now transfer the newly captured images to the microSD card. What about all of the pictures you’ve already taken that take up space on your internal storage? Those must be transferred to the microSD card.


We will require a file manager app to transfer files from the internal storage to the microSD card. The Samsung My Files app (opens in new tab) is one example of a file manager that comes pre-installed on some phones; however, if your phone does not have this feature, there are numerous third-party applications that will nonetheless function, such as Solid Explorer. For these steps, we used Samsung My Files on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but they should work on most devices.

  1. Open your file manager app.
  2. Open Internal Storage.
  3. Open DCIM (short for Digital Camera Images).

4. Long-press Camera.

5. Tap the Move button at the bottom left of the screen.

6. Navigate back to your file manager menu, and tap on the SD card.

7. Tap DCIM. If a DCIM folder isn’t on your SD card, tap Create folder and make a DCIM folder.

8. Tap Done to initiate the transfer.

Time for more photos

Once your photos are set up, you can take pictures without worrying about overflowing your phone’s internal storage or slowing it down. It is additionally worth focusing on, notwithstanding, that while it’s not difficult to allot camera photographs to go to the MicroSD card, on a large number, you can’t reassign screen captures to catch to SD the same way.

To prevent your screenshots from taking up too much space on your phone, be sure to periodically return and copy them to the SD. If you’d rather, you can also back everything up using Google Photos.

Picking the right microSD card for photography

MicroSD cards are easy to find in most electronics and department stores, but they don’t usually come with your phone unless it’s part of an accessory bundle. If you don’t need a microSD card right now, keep an eye on Thrifter because you can almost always find good cards on sale.

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