Infamous Kanye West Has Gathered a Lot of Attention by His Antisemitic Remarks Pusha Was Disappointed, Know the Truth

Even in the complex music business, there are instances when people act in ways that prioritise their friendship over the transaction. Since their initial periods before the G.O.O.D. music period began, Kanye West and Pusha T had developed a strong musical friendship. Pusha T joined G.O.O.D. music in 2010, stayed with it until the release of his Grammy-nominated It would Be almost Dry record in 2022, but has now publicly severed relations with it.

Earlier, the rapper Donda’s antisemitic online issue also caused the Diet Coke artist to express dismay.

Kanye West’s unrepentant actions, antisemitic comments, teasing and threatening conduct against his loved ones, and support for Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime all played a role in his collapse. Without a doubt, Pusha T’s decision to break off his relationship with Kanye West was also influenced by his wrongdoings.

Kanye West’s Label’s Pusha T No Longer Serves As President Excellent music

Pusha T, a 45-year-old American rapper, spoke with XXL about the current state of affairs with Ye, previously known as Kanye West, and their relationship at the time. The Diet Coke rapper has declared he will separate himself from Ye as things with Yeezy have gotten worse.

Pusha T and his older brother Malice formed the American hip-hop duo The Clipse in the late 1990s and began rapping together. The duo’s first album, Lord Willin’, was released in 2002 and was produced by Neptunes. It was then followed by Hell Hath No Fury (2006) and ‘Til the Casket Drops (2009), before Malice took a hiatus from rapping in 2009, allowing his brother to focus on his career, and Pusha T signed to Kanye West’s record label G.O.O.D. music.

Pusha T took over as president of G.O.O.D. music in 2015, although he acknowledged that his relationship with the company ended because of West’s overt anti-Semitic comments. Pusha T also thinks that because of their long connection, West comprehends why he put that space between them.

He remarked, He knows I’ll do everything I have to and want to. Regarding anything that puts my appearance, my pride, or anything else at risk. He is aware of it. He is aware that he cannot talk me down from any cliffs. He is unable to perform. He was aware of that. I’m too proud to ask someone to move in a certain way.

The last two albums from G.O.O.D. music, You Can’t Kill Me by 070 Shake and Pusha T’s It’s Almost Dry, were both released by Def Jam Recordings. Pusha T claims that he is still affiliated with Def Jam Recordings. The 65th Grammy Awards have nominated his It’s Almost Dry for Best Rap Album.

Disappointment And Distance Between Pusha T And Kanye West 

Pusha T has disclosed to XXL why he cut ties with Ye and what motivated him to part ways with Ye’s record company G.O.O.D. music. The rapper from Dreamin Of the Past has not gotten in touch with Ye since complaining about him in an interview last November, according to XXL.

When questioned about their most recent chat, Pusha T responded,

I continued my tour. Just now, I spoke my mind. I talk a lot about myself with him. He then hung up the phone and thanked her. Even though I know you disagree with me, you never publicly assassinate me. And some people are eager to engage in that.

When the rapper was questioned about West’s appearance on a far-right radio show or podcast although during interview, he responded,

It’s more than that, and there’s no reason to breakdance around it. It’s untrue. Period. But to me, it’s just him and I once again disagreeing on something because we’ve been doing this for years.

Pusha T kept going,

He is no longer speaking to me. You aren’t down if you aren’t with it. And I’m not on board. On that, I won’t budge. I disagree with it. On InfoWars, I learned about this pristine information. I’m not sure. Something about it simply makes me think he’s not feeling well. I’ll just say it. It is going to places where there is no way to avoid it.

Pusha T cites Kanye West’s remark that Hitler wasn’t all that horrible as one of the most depressing exchanges. The rapper from Dreamin Of the Past discussed his career and relationships with West and Drake throughout the conversation.

Pusha T has no plans to slow down, despite his separation from G.O.O.D. music and his tense relationship with producer-turned-pariah West. In addition to producing an upcoming music and mixtape, he runs the Heir Wave Music Group and is a husband and father.


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