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Is Angus Cloud, Euphoria’s Star, Connected to the Late Mac Miller? Reasons Why He Cannot Play Mac in a Biopic Film

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In September 2018, the world was shocked by the sudden passing of the beloved American rapper and producer Mac Miller. His death was a major loss to the hip-hop community, leaving an irreplaceable void in the industry.

Years after his death, Miller’s legacy lives on in the form of his music and the many people he touched. One of the most prominent connections to Mac Miller is his closest friend and collaborator, Angus Cloud.

Who is Angus Cloud?

Angus Cloud is an American actor, musician, and model. Cloud grew up in Los Angeles and was first introduced to music at a young age. His interest in music led him to pursue a career as a hip-hop artist, often collaborating with Mac Miller.

The two caught the attention of the music industry with their close friendship and musical partnership. Cloud is remembered as one of Miller’s closest confidants and collaborators, and also as an integral part of Miller’s legacy.

The Relationship Between Mac Miller and Angus Cloud

Mac Miller and Angus Cloud developed a close relationship early on in their music careers. The two were often seen together in the studio, and they were known for their collaborations. Cloud was an integral part of Miller’s career, contributing to many of his albums and even appearing in some of Miller’s music videos.

The two were often seen out together, enjoying their time and their friendship. Cloud was remembered by Miller’s family and friends as one of his closest confidants, and he was a major part of Miller’s life.

The Impact of Mac Miller’s Death on Angus Cloud

The death of Mac Miller was a devastating blow to his family, friends, and fans. Miller’s death left a lasting impact on Angus Cloud, as well. Cloud was deeply affected by Miller’s death and has since opened up about his grief.

He has spoken publicly about his loss, acknowledging the impact Miller had on his life and career. In an interview with GQ, Cloud said, “Mac was a brother to me. He was an amazing artist and an incredible person. His death was a tragedy, and it’s something that I still struggle to come to terms with.”

Angus Cloud’s Work After Mac Miller’s Death

In the aftermath of Mac Miller’s death, Angus Cloud has continued to make music and pursue his career. He released his debut EP, “Angus Cloud Presents,” in 2020. The EP was dedicated to Mac Miller, and it featured some of his most iconic tracks. Cloud also continues to collaborate with other artists, and he has been featured on several projects since Miller’s death.


The death of Mac Miller was a tragedy for the hip-hop community. His passing left a lasting impact on the industry and on the people who knew him. Angus Cloud was a close friend and collaborator of Miller’s, and he has been deeply affected by Miller’s death. In the years since Miller’s passing, Cloud has continued to make music and pursue his career, and he remains an integral part of Miller’s legacy.

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