It Seems Like Something is Going on Between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez — So What Exactly is the Scoop? Uncover All of the Details Right Here!

When they got back together after nearly two decades apart and were married in a number of lovely ceremonies, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck offered Hollywood and the rest of the world an unforgettable true-love moment.

In 2003, they were scheduled to last the distance but called it off four days before the wedding. They later got married to other people, had children, and started families, but as fate would have it, they eventually found one other again.

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The months leading up to their wedding appeared to be taken from a romantic novel. Nevertheless, as soon as the honeymoon period ended, reality began to sink in. In addition to arguments over the Gone Girl star’s smoking habit, demanding work schedules started to become a major obstacle.

According to rumors, the Selena singer smashed her husband’s collection of motorcycles out of spite after growing annoyed with his chain smoking. And a particular specialist claimed that Mrs. Affleck will undoubtedly find it difficult to cope.

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Jennifer Lopez was lauded by a smoking cessation specialist for tolerating Ben Affleck.

Max Kirsten, a celebrity smoking cessation consultant, is quite complimentary of Jennifer Lopez. Since it might be difficult to coexist in a relationship with someone who has a persistent smoking problem, the award-winning hypnotherapist asserted that Ben Affleck’s wife and family had a difficult time with him.

Kirsten spoke with The Sun and stated,

It must be difficult because Ben and J-Lo had such a remarkable love story in which they reconciled, got married, and combined their two families.

He continued by praising the Hustlers actor for how well he was getting along with the Argo actor.

It’s amazing that they’re managing to make this work despite Ben’s severe and lifelong smoking problem. It’s really difficult for one partner in a relationship to put up with someone who still smokes while being devoted to them.

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Kirsten continued by talking about the strategy JLo must employ to treat Affleck’s illness.

Harassing Ben Affleck might be bad for the marriage.

Despite Ben Affleck’s ongoing smoking problem, Jennifer Lopez counseled him to be kind to her.
Kirsten believed that pestering the Academy Award winner would be ineffective.

“Down there, J-

Although Lo will be hoping that Ben would give up smoking soon, she won’t be pressuring him. Since many smokers don’t react well to pressure, it’s crucial that the spouse softly encourages them rather than harshly reprimands them.

The Justice League actor is well known for his severe smoking habit and is frequently seen in public either prancing around with a cigarette in his mouth or using the same to soothe his nerves during lengthy filming hours. Even before Violet was born in 2005, he made the claim that he had given up smoking. The father of three did not, however, keep his word.

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