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‘Mayans MC’ Season 4 Episode 8: [Spoiler]’s Shocking Death, Explained!! Everything you need to know is here

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Mayan MC season 4 episode 8 will air next week on FX, and that means a lot more about the ongoing battle. It was clear from the beginning of this season that there would be casualties in the battle between the SOA and the Mayans, and we suspect that this will continue to be the case no matter how long the series continues.

Major character deaths abound in Season 4 of Mayan MC. There was yet another unexpected turn in Episode 8. EZ makes a bold decision while the Mayans exact their wrath on the Sons of Anarchy. Here’s the beginning and end you want to realize about episode 8’s significant person passing.

An important character was killed off in Episode 8 of “Mayans MC” Season 4

In Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 8, Marcus Alvarez decided that the Mayans should exterminate SAMDINO to put an end to street violence. Canche agrees to join the Santo Padre charter to confront San Bernadino at their compound and launch an attack. Numerous Sons of Anarchy members are killed by the Mayans.

EZ enters the San Bernadino chapel toward the end of the attack to kill one more Son of Anarchy member. After that, Canche enters the room. “Chante,” EZ says. I spotted you slipping. He then shoots Canche in the head with a bullet. Angel, EZ’s brother, then shows up.

Why did EZ kill Canche?

Following his decision to kill Gaby in the previous episode, EZ kills Canche in Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 8. This is by all accounts EZ’s final turning point, driving him to have no hesitations about shooting Canche. He simply used the Sons’ attack to give the impression that Canche perished in battle.

EZ benefits from Canche’s passing for several reasons. First and foremost, Canche has made it abundantly clear that he will never accept EZ’s attempt on his life in the season 3 finale. Canche tells EZ, “You’ll be nothing but a walking dead man to me.” “Don’t let me catch you slipping,” he adds.

EZ decides to eliminate Canche because he sees him as a threat to the Mayans MC charter’s unity and an opponent of his leadership. He then suggests that Manny attempt to become Yuma’s charter vice president. EZ would benefit from this because he would have a friend who was in a powerful position at Yuma.

Manny, according to fans, knows what EZ did.

In Season 4 of Mayans MC, EZ wants Manny to try to climb the Yuma charter ladder. On the other hand, some fans are speculating that Manny is aware of, or at least suspicious of, the fact that EZ killed Canche. He was a father. He had a young son. But you know that, right?” Manny informs EZ.

Reddit users also noted that a Sons of Anarchy member was pointing a shotgun in the room where Canche died. EZ used a pistol to shoot Canche. It’s possible that Canche was killed by EZ, not the Sons if anyone pays close attention. This would turn out to be extremely terrible information for EZ.

On Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. EST, new episodes of Mayans MC Season 4 air on FX.

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