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Nba Youngboy is Making It Clear How Many Children He Fathered, but at Least One of His Baby Mamas is Calling Bs.

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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It’s getting gradually difficult to keep track of all NBA Youngboy’s exes and alleged children, so greatly so that even Youngboy Never Broke Again himself looks to be confused. In a recent Instagram live meeting, NBA Youngboy listed his children, construction it clear that he only has faith in himself to have one daughter.

“I got four little boys, right,” he elucidated, “and I got one daughter. Her name is Armani. Boy, I ain’t got no other daughter. I got another descendant on the way though.” He continued, apparently denoting to his ex, saying “I don’t even conversate with that girl. I got one descendant.”

The ex in inquiry, who claims to be the mother of NBA’s second offspring, is Kaylyn Marie Long, who was injured in a 2019 shelling while with the rapper in Miami. She later announced she was expectant Youngboy’s child last December, but the Baton Rouge rapper is denying fatherhood. Replying to his most recent statements on the material, Kay took to social media to pole a simple “GMFU BUT IT’S NOTED,” a phrase short for “Got I f**ked up.”


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Armani, the offspring NBA is choosing to claim, is the child of Nisha, his former, who also gave natal to his son Draco. Kay claims to have given birth to a slight girl named Kind, although some people complicated are claiming that Kay made the baby up entirely. Others, but, point out that Kay may just be choosing to keep her child’s twin and information off communal media.

In an entirely distinct situation, NBA Youngboy’s ex and the daughter of boxing winner Floyd Mayweather stabbed his other ex, Lapattra Jacobs, previous this year during an incident at his home. To say this gentleman has a lot of drama in his life is an understatement, but let’s hope he gets these situations flattened out for the sake of all children involved.

YoungBoy has not dispatched about Kaell, but his social media pages are currently deactivated. He’s shown that he’s a vigorous father in his kids’ lives, and while the world loves to get at YoungBoy for taking a confirmed seven children at his young age, he’s proven to be a pretty loving father with them, expenditure as much time as he can with Kacey, Kayden, Armani, Taylin, and his extra little ones.

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