Nicki Minaj Finally Responds to Shocking Claims Made by Alleged ‘former Assistant’ Kate

Kate Miller has attracted a lot of attention for the artist after claiming to have worked as Nicki Minaj’s former assistant and aired her dirty laundry online.

Miller has recently come under fire from internet users for disseminating false information, and it is now thought that in actuality, she isn’t the singer’s former assistant. The account was supposedly created by a teen and is really believed to be false. In response to the terrible allegations made against her on social media, the vocalist of Tusa spoke up.

The argument between Nicki Minaj and Kate Miller began after many posts emerged on @katemiller 7’s Instagram Story. According to the first post, Miller is finally sharing the whole truth since the 39-year-old fired her helper. A different message additionally stated:

Onika fired me as her assistant even though there was no evidence that she had used her bank account fraudulently.

Kate Miller talked about her husband, Kenneth Petty, cheating on her, the rapper’s alleged feud with Cardi B, Beyoncé, her owing money to the IRS, and other things in a series of Instagram posts.

Miller claimed in an Instagram story that Petty told the assistant things that gave them shivers and that he was cheating on her with Nicki Minaj.

In another social media post, the alleged ex-assistant claimed Beyoncé while also Jay Z avoid hanging out with Nicki Minaj due to Minaj’s marriage.

In one of the 20 Instagram stories, Miller said that Nicki Minaj’s team is consequently assiduously attempting to get in touch with her. She continued by saying that the Super Bass singer tried to convince her to erase her account.

Readers can view Kate Miller’s Instagram posts by watching the video through Instagram account.

Because of the numerous posts that have been made online, fans of the rapper believe that Kate Miller does not actually exist.. Some people claimed online that the Instagram stories’ it was suspected that the vocabulary and grammatical errors didn’t seem that adult could ever make. Many people assume it to be a teenagers account seeing the kind of behaviour.

The Instagram account’s profile picture does not feature Kate Miller, as was found by user @insanelyin2pink. The commenter on the website stated that the woman in the picture was a company’s senior vice president of vocal content.

The user also revealed her real identity as Megan Feldman Bettencourt, who holds the position of director of digital strategy and content at a PR and marketing agency, by attaching the photograph to the profile picture.

In response to Kate Miller’s charges, Nicki Minaj

She said Miller seems so f**king stupid and thought a child was the person behind the Instagram account. Minaj addressed the account’s owner, saying:

I really need everyone of you to like find a job and make an investment in your future and self.

The singer apparently thought “another fanbase” was attempting to destroy her.

Miller did not publish any posts online at the time the musician responded to the accusations.

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