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Sylvester Stallone Disappointed Fans by Not Attending the Event for Which the Fans Paid Extravagant Fees

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This time, Sylvester Stallone was unable to prevail. All of his supporters who had purchased tickets specifically to see him and at most take a picture were let down by him. But all they got in return was sadness because their favorite celebrity couldn’t find time for the followers who had paid exorbitant prices to attend.

A meet and greet planned by Experience With went sour when the Rocky star was unable to show up and fulfill the requirement of signing a predetermined number of photo ops. Was it truly his fault, though?

Not a noteworthy Experience With Sylvester Stallone

Attending an Experience With Sylvester Stallone LIVE event was Sylvester Stallone’s planned attendance. The performance was meant to provide fans with a chance to see their favorite celebrity. They would be able to travel back in time during an interactive event and get a close-up look at the Rambo star.

Others paid an additional price to get the opportunity to speak with the celebrity in person. There were many options accessible to the public, including some luxury ones that ranged in price from $750-$1250 for a meet and greet and photo with the legend. That would have been a fabulous experience for sure.

Because he wasn’t feeling well, Sylvester Stallone departed, or did he?

However, it was not meant to be. The 76-year-old ultimately found himself unable to meet everyone he had planned to. The event planners sold more photo ops than they could handle, so in the end, many people—300, according to some sources—were unable to have their photos taken. The following email was sent by the organizers to the parties that were wronged:

Mr. Stallone would have had to leave the occasion earlier than scheduled and wasn’t feeling 100%, which is why the images did not turn out as envisioned. Our meetings can be highly demanding, and we always have to satisfy the requests of celebrities.

However, Stallone’s team has explained that more photo op packages were offered through Experience With than could be fulfilled in the allotted period. His team claims that he stayed longer than was permitted.

Experience With’ having to make a payment.

Experience With was under a lot of pressure from the fans, regardless of what was real. They were ultimately forced to take extreme measures to provide relief to those who weren’t able to get their way. They told TMZ that refunds would be given to those who declined to have their photos taken with Stallone.

Additionally, it was made clear that The Expendables actor had used 60% of the photo opportunities. Therefore, fewer than 100 people were still alive, not 300 as had been reported online. Customers had the choice of asking for a complete refund or signing up to watch Sylvester Stallone perform at another event in the future.

We don’t think anyone will want to take that chance once more.

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