Top 5 Binge-worthy Thriller Shows You Should Not Miss Before the Year Ends, All Details Here

Generally speaking, among the most watched television programs worldwide are thrillers. Who doesn’t love the thrilling suspense, the terrifying anticipation of what will come next, and the amazing feeling of a turn you have never seen coming? It makes sense why Netflix offers such a large selection of excellent thriller series.

However, just because they fall under the same genre doesn’t mean they are all the same. Even if you have a list of intriguing shows you believe you might enjoy watching, everyone experiences excruciating indecision before deciding on their fill of thrillers. You need one that you can watch alone or with others that matches your mood.

And even if you have a general idea of exactly what kind of show you want to see or search for, there is still a tonne of fantastic content to peruse.

With this helpful guide, we’ve decided to assist you to uncover the best Netflix thriller shows that are currently accessible in the United States. Including everything from oldies to hidden treasures to recent releases and more, we combed through the library to compile this list of the top thriller series that are currently streaming.

No. 1 “You”

You chronicle self-described romantic Joe Goldberg’s (Penn Badgley) search for the ideal woman from his point of view.

Throughout the series, Joe goes to tremendous (weird) measures to win the hearts of the women who catch his eye.

To entice people to fall for him, he is ready to stalk, abduct, and kill. Even though you shouldn’t want to support someone with such dubious morals, the series challenges you to not wish for Joe to have a good outcome.

We hear Joe’s thoughts and justifications for his conduct through voiceover narration. Despite all we see him do, Badgley gives the character a charm that makes him charming and endearing. As the series goes on, You, like Joe, become more and more out of control; the deaths grow more brutal, the cover-ups more intricate, and the breakups more dangerous. [Brynna Arens]

No. 2 Keep Breathing (2022)

The gripping new Netflix survival series is called Keep Breathing. Keep Breathing competes with the recently canceled Amazon series The Wilds and the popular Showtime drama Yellowjackets, which also features a plane accident survivor. Keep Breathing stars Melissa Barrera (Scream) as Liv, an intelligent and ambitious lawyer who must survive the Canadian wilderness by herself.

Keep Breathing, written and directed by Blindspot’s Brendan Gall (The Lovebirds) and Martin Gero, also stars Jeff Wilbusch (The Calling) and Austin Stowell (Quantum Leap). Keep Breathing depicts an intimate struggle against Liv’s memories and psyche in addition to the environment on a gloriously cinematic scale. Yael Tygiel.

No. 3 The Lincoln Lawyer (2022-present)

The Lincoln Lawyer is an exciting legal thriller that is suspenseful, captivating, and always surprising. Mickey Haller is a criminal defense lawyer and recovering addict who runs his practice out of his town car, and Manuel Garcia-outstanding Rulfo’s portrayal of him provides the show with its foundation.

In addition to Garcia-Rulfo, there is a tonne of other notable star turns. Maggie McPherson, a prosecutor who also happens to be Haller’s ex-wife, is played by Neve Campbell. The Lincoln Lawyer’s sleek appearance, engaging characters, and the convoluted, surprising plot will keep you on the verge of giving up from the very first frame to the very last. (Taylor Gates)

No. 4 Echoes (2022) 

The central characters of Echoes, a gripping mystery thriller, are twins Leni and Gina (both portrayed by Michelle Monaghan), who have been trading lives since they were little. They share two homes where they live, husbands, and sometimes even a child because they are all adults now and still living double lives. And when one of them disappears, everything falls apart. This twisted limited series will keep you guessing every moment and speculating throughout every single episode. (Taylor Gates)

No. 5 Squid Game (2021-present)

Squid Game, the smash television show that spawned many memes and a deluge of costumes, is far more than a passing trend in pop culture; it is a trenchantly written examination of class disparity. The entire plot revolves around a survival game in which a group of unwitting adults is invited to compete for money in a variety of kid-friendly games. The catch seems to be that you pass away if you lose.

This may sound like a lot of other stories with a similar premise that you’ve read or heard before, but it immediately becomes apparent that this one is far darker and more imaginative in its execution.

It’s realistic but gory, illustrating how hopeless society has become for people at the bottom who have few options to survive. It is one of the finer shows the platform has produced recently, with colorful visuals and a somber tone. By the time it’s all over, the impression it makes is both profound and lasting. Chas Hutchinson.

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