Who Killed Tunisha Sharma, Murder or Suicide? Suicide Note, Co-Actor Arrested?

The alleged suicide of well-known TV actor, Tunisha Sharma, has shocked her fan base and raised doubts about the suspected cause of death. Did a fellow actor, Zeeshan, have something to do with it? This intriguing matter closed off to speculation as the true nature of the events became known. It turns out that Tunisha tragically hanged herself while filming a scene on the set.

Zeeshan’s involvement was simply wrongful accusations in the heat of shock and disbelief at first. Despite being released from custody on lack of evidence, Tunisha remains in all our hearts as she serves as an example for reminding us to remain vigilant against mental health issues that may go unnoticed.

At the young age of 14, Tunisha Sharma embarked on an amazing acting career! She started with a bang, playing the lead female role of Phoolkumari in the serial ‘Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap’.

That series was followed by solo projects and various cameos in superhit shows like ‘Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’, ‘Gabbar Poonchwala’, ‘Sher-e-Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh’, ‘Internet Wala Love’ and ‘Ishq Subhan Allah’. Tunisia’s filmography includes acclaimed thrillers such as ‘Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh’ and ‘Dabangg 3’. She also got a chance to play the childhood character of Katrina Kaif in movies like ‘Baar Baar Dekho’, ‘And Fitoor’ seeing her immense potential. Her onscreen presence has not only been retained in serials and films but also as she stars as one of the leading cast members in several music videos, such as ‘Pyaar Ho Jaayega’, ‘Nainon Ka Ye Rona’ and ‘Tu Baithe Mere Samne’. Tunisia’s ability to bring out emotions wonderfully makes her an absolute star, worthy of success and adoration!


DCP Chandrakant Jadhav spoke to the media and provided updates on the Tunisha Sharma case. According to the DCP, Tunisha was living with her mother at the time of her death, and her mother had accused fellow Ali Baba co-star Sheezan Khan of abetting in the suicide.

It is purported that Sheezan and Tunisha were in a relationship but nothing has been confirmed on that end yet as the police are still interrogating those on sets for more information. Additional details will be revealed in due course as the investigation continues, but so far this is all we know about this sad incident.

The Waliv Police have been taking Tunisha’s death with the utmost severity and said they will investigate it from a double perspective – that of both murder and suicide. Despite thorough searching, no suicide note has been found so far.

As part of the investigations, everyone present on the set during the time of her death is being questioned to find out more information about what might have happened to her. The police have prioritized this case due to its scandalous nature, hoping to uncover the truth to provide justice for both Tunisha and her bereaved family members.

Tunisha Sharma Murder or Suicide?

It is obvious that she committed suicide, but the police are still investigating all the possible things which could happen. At the moment we can’t say it’s a murder or suicide.

This is the story posted by her some hours before committing suicide, it arises a question of how it is possible.

The shocking news of Tunisha Sharma’s supposed suicide has sent a wave of grief through the entire film industry. She had become a young rising star, with a powerful presence in television shows and movies.

The suddenness of her death is still being processed. Only days ago, she was filming her scenes and smiling on set, not envisioning the tragedy that would soon unfold in the make-up room of one of her co-actors. The Waliv Police are diligently pursuing their investigation regarding her death, but no matter how much due diligence is done, it won’t bring back Tunisha to life at all. It’s a heartbreaking loss for everyone who knew Tunisia, as well as those who have admired her throughout her suddenly cut career of 20 years old.

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