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Wilbur Soot is a Celebrated Minecraft Streamer and Musician Who Has Made Quite the Name for Himself in Music, Know Why? All Things Here

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Wilbur Soot was originally named William Patrick Gold and is a popular streamer on the youtube & twitch platforms and a singer also. He was born on 14 September 1996 & just at the age of 11 he started making content videos.

He started youtube in the year 2008 & later years he also started streaming Minecraft games too in the year 2011 on the channel named “Minecraft & donuts”. As he started his YouTube career at a very young career, many content creators left their studies when they started earning a good amount of money through these platforms.

He didn’t neglect his study and completed his schooling & graduated in editing & Post production from Sussex Downs College. Probably he is looking for a director in the upcoming years. Back 4-5 years ago he started his music career and now his songs have 600+M streams in music. In an interview with Anthony Padilla, a YouTuber having almost 7M subscribers.

He shared his childhood days and said that he was creepy, smelly & a weird kid during school time. & also told about his parents getting divorced when he was a young guy. As his mother was a government employee & dad was an engineer. After the divorce, he lives with his dad and his dad doesn’t have a bed for him, on which he can sleep.

He used to sleep on a futon with his pet. Also, He told how he used to sleep in his school uniform so that he could reach school early. Also, at that time he didn’t even shower. Later with time, this activity changed and he changed himself before entering college.

Also, he said when he was in school, He got an offer to join a band from one of his fellow Tommy & he used to play “Bassist” there. Later he quit that band & later years when he got a good response for his YouTube journey so he started his band.

Also, he shared an incident about how he got the people for his band. He also worked as a content editor for other YouTube channels. If we consider his career, we will find out that he was a Twitch streamer, Songwriter, Musician, YouTuber & also Minecraft game streamer.

He also played a Minecraft game with many popular streamers of this game like TommyInnit, Nihachu, Tubbo, and others. He was 6 Feet & 5 inches tall & the last song 2022 he released was “Soft Boy”. Many people are aware of the Minecraft game as it was very popular among streamers too. His net worth is almost close to $800k.

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