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Xiaomi MIUI 14 has been announced; Check Top Features, Supported Devices and Android 13 Updates

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A few months ago, in August, Google introduced Android 13, and ever since then, businesses have begun rolling out updated versions of their Android skins that are based on Android 13. Xiaomi has just announced its own MIUI 14, which is based on Android 13, a little bit late to the party. The MIUI 14 operating system with the Xiaomi 13 series launched on December 11th, 2022.

MIUI 14 Will Be Available for the MI 10 Series

The MI 10 series would receive the MIUI 14 upgrade, according to Zhang Guoquan, director of Xiaomi’s System Software Department, who announced on November 28. He stated this in response to a Weibo comment. The response did not, however, specify the precise models.

Five different smartphones are included in the MI 10 series: the MI 10, MI 10 Pro, MI 10 Lite, MI 10 Lite Zoom, and MI 10 Ultra. Except for the MI 10 Ultra, all of these devices debuted with MIUI 11. However, MIUI 12.5, was released for the MI 10 Ultra. At first, they were all running Android 10. They have updated to newer MIUI versions throughout the past two years, along with various security patch upgrades. MIUI 13 is the most recent. Except for the MI 10 Ultra, MIUI 14 will be these devices’ third significant software update.

Will Android 13 be updated for the Mi 10 Series?

The Mi 10 series might not receive this update, which would bring them up to Android 13, the most recent version of the operating system. Based on the Android 12 build, they might get MIUI 14. This is because they are exempt from the most recent upgrade policy that Xiaomi implemented for its more recent models.

What can we anticipate from MIUI 14 Global Version?

Naturally, MIUI 14 will run on all compatible devices based on Android 13. Like some devices received MIUI 13 without Android 12 this year, some devices might receive the MIUI 14 update without Android 13.

It’s interesting to note that the global MIUI version will supposedly resemble the Chinese version very little. If this is accurate, it is terrific news since there has continuously been a daily and night difference between the Global ROM and Chinese ROM throughout the years.

A significant redesign of Xiaomi’s software skin is brought about by MIUI 14. We observe what Xiaomi refers to as “Super Icons,” which let users change the appearance of their app icons. New configurable widgets and sizable folders would also be included.

In addition, MIUI 14 features an improved card-style user interface over earlier iterations.

Over recent years, Xiaomi’s MIUI has gained notoriety for this. A large amount of bloatware, advertisements and pointless suggestions have not especially impressed its user base. They are undoubtedly annoying, even though getting rid of them is rather simple. According to reports, Xiaomi has significantly cut these costs this year. Only eight system apps in MIUI 14 are removable.

According to Xiaomi, MIUI 14 aims to give users a streamlined software experience with improved performance. Apps from third parties have also been improved. According to reports, fluency may have grown by up to 88% while third-party apps’ energy use has decreased by 16%.

Users would receive the usual features of Android 13, some Xiaomi add-ons and an improved ecosystem. Additionally, it would most likely be more worried about security and privacy. The MIUI 14 update seems good, and we hope Xiaomi releases it correctly and with few problems.

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