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A Minecraft Player Creates a Stunning Area in the Game That is Inspired by Doom. Check Out for Detailed Information

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Sri ragavi newton
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A creative gamer uploads a video of their impressive Minecraft-based ode to the ground-breaking shooter Doom from id Software.

When designing a new world within the game, one fan of Mojang Studios’ smash-hit sandbox title Minecraft made the decision to return to PC gaming’s roots and produce a nearly perfect recreation of the first level of 1993’s groundbreaking PC shooter Doom. This block-based remake of Doom’s E1M1 is one of the most impressive tributes to the classic shooter that fans of the game have made to Doom in Minecraft before.

Doom by id Software has held a special place in the hearts of gamers ever since it was first released for PC in 1993. It helped popularize the first-person shooter genre and set the stage for decades of games to come.

Doom fans have attempted to recreate the shooter in other games and on a growing number of bizarre non-gaming devices over the decades since the game’s release to preserve its legacy.

It is evident that gamers cannot get enough of the demon-filled shooter, even 30 years after its release, from Minecraft recreations of classic maps to a port of Doom running on an Android clock.

ZeppyTube, a Redditor, demonstrated their impressive tribute to Doom in the form of a stunning recreation of the game’s first level created entirely within Minecraft in a video posted on the r/Minecraft subreddit.

Based on the brief video, Doom’s E1M1 level, which is instantly familiar to millions of gamers worldwide due to its numerous appearances on various gaming devices, adapts surprisingly well to Minecraft’s blocky world.

The video, which is supported by a pounding MIDI soundtrack and takes viewers on a whirlwind tour of the map, showcases an impressive level of detail throughout the level that is sure to bring back memories for fans of the old-school shooter.

Doom E1M1 build from Minecraft

The video received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, with one Redditor expressing delight despite their dislike for Doom. ZeppyTube’s use of Doom’s original audio in the video was praised by a number of users, with one user describing the retro sounds and music as “a really nice touch.” Another commenter, clearly familiar with the layout of E1M1, joked that ZeppyTube didn’t get all the items and secrets in the level, making them feel “physically pained.”

Although the scale of this Doom tribute may not be as impressive as that of a player’s Minecraft recreation of Skyrim’s Windhelm, it is evident that players enjoyed the original tribute to the classic shooter.

This Minecraft version of E1M1 may lack some of the visceral thrills of its PC shooter counterpart due to the absence of guns and gore, but fans of Doom should still watch the video. Even if you don’t use all of the game’s features, exploring this Minecraft map is probably more fun and useful than trying to play Doom on a chocolate bar.

Minecraft is currently available for Xbox One, PC, PS4, and mobile devices.

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