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Are You Ready to Delve Into the Depths of the Fane of Panjvahe Domain? Unlocking This Game’s Process and Details Will Give You a New Level of Knowledge as an Adventurer!

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In the recent updates from the officials of Unlocking the Fane of Panjavhe domain the players while playing need to introduce the Seelie back to its own court.

One time domain is always the new introduction in the games of New Genshin Impact. In the game model of 3.4 only two new domains are available. The domains are easy to locate as they exists on the parts of Surface only.

The Genshin Impact has a very simple puzzle that is to be solved. Reports or fans said that Panjvahe is a much more and a challenging version. To unlock the game if fans want they can follow the enlisted process to get the domains.

Process to Unlock Fane of Panjvahe Domain In Genshin Impact. 

For unlocking the Fane, players had to submit or return the two Seelies from them to their respective courts. Among both the Seelies one Seelies will need people help to solve the Weathered Obelisk.

If the players does not defeat the Ruin Drake the other Seelie will also refuse to return. In the game for the first set of the puzzles there are only three Weathered Obelisks. In the games the Seelie will circle like a stones. As soon as the Seelie crosses the stones the symbols will change randomly. Only way the players can easily solve the puzzles is by out-speeding the Seelie. All the stones show correct symbols until and unless they are again disturbed.

Following are the symbols. 

  • The very first symbol of the game is the Forest symbol. This symbol comes before the Giant Serpent.
  • The second step is the Dune  Symbol. The Dune Symbol comes with the unknown symbol and generally shows  with two dots.
  • Then the Symbol comes off the Sheep Head Symbol. This Symbol comes before the symbol of Forest.

If the symbols are assigned in the most proper way then the Seelie will stop circling. In the updates for the second Seelie the players had to go head west and need to defeat the Ruin Drake to make the Seelie return home.

As soon as the Fane of Panjvahe is completed it gives the following items upon completion of levels.

The first thing that gives on the completion of the levels are Primogems x40. The second gifts players can get are the Dendro Sigil x5. The third one is the 4-star Desert Pavilion Chronicle artifact x1. As the level goes up there will be more awards for the players.

In the game the players should always be positive and try to complete all the challenges for the Dendro Sigils. Some levels of the game provides the Fate.

The game of Genish Impact is currently aired and is available on the platforms of PS4 and PS5. Games for mobiles and PC is also available. A new version for the games is also in development.

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