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Brandon Coleman Cora Jakes Coleman Husband : Biography & Facts About Rich ‘rich’ Cole Coleman

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In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Brandon Cora and his famous partner, wife, and mother, Cora Jakes Coleman. We will also delve into the relationship between these two people and why they have been together for so long.

The couple’s happy marriage and how their love story has continued to live on decades after their wedding.

Brandon Coleman Cora Jakes Coleman Husband: Biography & Facts About Rich ‘Rich’ Cole Coleman

The son of an Air Force Veteran, he was born in Houston in 1965. After graduating from high school in 1973, he moved with his family to Austin, Texas where college and employment awaited him. At age 16, he would turn 18 and become eligible for unemployment benefits.

After working as a dishwasher, he began writing songs. He started releasing music under several aliases beginning with “Drake Ducey”. While still studying music at the University of Southern California (USC), he released three tracks titled “Ponyboyz” and six others called “The Closet”.

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His first EP, titled “Cuz It’s You”, sold out in only 8 weeks. A few years later, he dropped another recording entitled “The Rodeo” that went platinum for the album he had planned for the studio.

When Mr. T, one of his fans discovered a photo of the singer in 1981 and wrote him an email, there were many jokes made about him. For example, when someone saw the picture of his then-girlfriend, she said that he looked like George Hamilton, who played King Henry III in Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet.

As things turned around, it became apparent that he was not a prince but simply a man with good looks and a singing voice. This led the person to ask questions about himself, such as where did it come from.

When it came back to his parents, they found photos in which they had seen him just playing football alongside other kids. This left them shocked, wondering about his upbringing in Texas and whether he had ever encountered racism or discrimination.

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They didn’t believe that a black man could sing blues songs. What seemed strange was that all his friends knew nothing about him.

During his time at USC, he enrolled in law school for its part in civil rights struggles. Before going to law school, he traveled to Vietnam. This resulted in becoming disillusioned with politics, believing that the government has been corrupted beyond recognition.

As a result, he returned home to continue trying to make money, selling raps on various platforms including BET and Columbia Records. Once again, he signed up for legal services, signing himself onto Littler Mendelson for representation.

However, shortly after graduation, he met Cora, whom he married in 1987. Her name was Mary Beth Kelly and they got engaged in 1989.

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