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Bungie is Finally Delivering on the Changes Long-awaited by Destiny 2 Players, and They’ve Promised That Fans Will Be Amazed.

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In the recent meetings with the officials of Destiny, 2 confirmations had come up regarding the changes. The officials said that the long-standing request of the community fans will soon get cleared. After this, there will be another update that will follow the trend and will make changes to make the gear and also manage the reward will get easier. The management of gear had been a point of concern within the game.

Planning is going on to put the new skin on the remaining model of the weapon. As per these changes, the player of the game will not have to worry about losing better gear because of the random blue engrams dropping in the world.

The current season of Destiny 2 will be the season of Seraph. This will the last and final season for the game’s fifth year. The modern-day stage will be set with the Callus and The witness in the Lightfall. The latest season is going to provide a task to the players with the rebuilding of Warmind Rasputin. The Last City of the game with its allies will have all their secrets inside the databanks of Rasputin.

Bungie one of the officials is preparing for the changes which will be done during the next release on February 28, 2023. In the latest blog post, the official claimed that the big change will be that the blue engrams stop dropping from the world. The changes might lead to the expansion of seasons. The blue gear will be dismantled as there will be an outright.

All the changes in the blue engrams will bring a change in the gunsmith leveling as well. To rank up those levels players have to have the Banshee-44. Gunsmith’s reputation may rise in the game by 25 percent. The official cleared that it will not affect the blue drop of the game. There should be something funny in the game that realizes the frustration of the players as well.

As previously mentioned all the longtime players had been asking for these changes from Bungie. The want is to make the gear and made panels through which award management becomes easier. The problem arises due to the blue gear of the game didn’t perform upto expectation. Officials believed that all the players will be surprised to see these changes in the game and an outline of the standalone blog post will also be revealed to the players Bungie.

The game Destiny 2 is currently available for the PC and various Playstations as well. Xbox services are also provided. If players want they can play on any of them.

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