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Celebrate With Excitement as Johnny Yong Bosch Returns to Voice the Iconic Vash the Stampede in Trigun Anime!

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Amazing newscast for fans of the classic Trigun series as Johnny Yong Bosch earnings to voice Vash The Stampede in the English dub of TRIGUN STAMPEDE, 25 years afterward the original series. Known for several iconic characters in English dubbed anime such as Ichigo Kurosaki from BLEACH; Sabo from One Piece and his splendor Lelouch Lamperouge (vi Britannia) as of Code Geass, the actor has been active in the anime industry for a very extensive time and has cemented his place in English dub history.

Through TRIGUN STAMPEDE bringing forth so many changes to the characteristic series’ formula, the return of something conversant will be exciting for fans of the original series who weren’t too sure about the receipt of the reboot. The news was proclaimed by Crunchyroll this past Friday, along with the confirmation that the English dub of TRIGUN STAMPEDE will premiere exactly two weeks afterward the Japanese premiere on January 21.

 The Stampede Once More
The Stampede Once More

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Crunchyroll took to Twitter to publicize the news of Bosch’s return, as well as the official air date of the first English dub episode of TRIGUN STAMPEDE, available on January 21.

When asked about repeating his role from the original Trigun, Bosch beamed at the opportunity of reentering the series; a sequence which Bosch credits for being his doorway into a well-known career in voice-over. Bosch’s return to voice Vash contrasts the various cast changes completed to the original Japanese version of TRIGUN STAMPEDE, in which Bosch’s counterpart, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, swaps the original voice actor Masaya Onosaka (Shinji Hirako, BLEACH)

Helping as the ADR director for TRIGUN STAMPEDE and working alongside Bosch is Jeremy Inman, who was also complicated in the English dubs of productions like Golden Kamuy.

Denoting the original series as “anime royalty”, Inman expressed immense excitement at being able to work serenely with the original Vash The Stampede to bring life to the new one. While only a few days continue before the English dub of TRIGUN STAMPEDE is set to be released, no further cast data has been made available as yet. TRIGUN STAMPEDE is broadcasted on Crunchyroll on Saturdays.

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