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Congress Passes the Southern Maryland National Heritage Area Act, Protecting and Celebrating This Region’s Rich History.

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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The Southern Maryland National Heritage Area Act was comprised in the recently passed year-end government expenditure bill and will be signed into law by President Biden. This title recognizes the unique significance of Southern Maryland to the nation’s history.

Flattering the Southern Maryland National Heritage Area will transport together federal, state, and private incomes to promote heritage tourism, conserve natural landscapes and augment the local economy. The lawmaking authorizes $10 million in appropriations, of which not supplementary than $1 million may be used in any fiscal year.

The law giving was sponsored by Senators Cardin (D-MD) besides Van Hollen (D-MD) and by Congressman Hoyer (D-MD) in the House of Representatives. In March of latter year when this dangerous legislation was re-introduced, Senator Cardin supposed that “a Southern Maryland National Heritage Area will improve awareness and federal support of a part of the state whose capitals need to be better protected, whose story needs to be widely told, and whose beauty needs to be more extensively appreciated.”

When the legislation was accepted by the House of Representatives in July of this year, Congressman Hoyer thought that “throughout our history, Southern Maryland has also been the site of significant milestones for our nation, from the first colony founded on religious freedom to the first individual of African descent elected to an American legislature, from the first woman to appeal for equal suffrage to the heroic efforts by those bringing the incarcerated to freedom on the Underground Railroad.

We have so much to reserve and share with our parallel Americans in Southern Maryland.”

Southern Maryland National Heritage Area
Southern Maryland National Heritage Area

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Before the passageway of this legislation, there were only 55 National Heritage Areas. National Heritage Areas necessitate an Act of Congress and often takes over ten years to realize designation.

The Southern Maryland National Heritage Area has the division of designation within two years. Lucille Walker, policymaking director of Destination Southern Maryland, credits “the federal councils who worked so hard in the United States Congress to type this happen” as well as “broad bipartisan area support and enthusiasm, including the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland and the Rural Maryland Council, besides remarkable support within the Maryland General Assembly, county directives, the Governor’s office, the Maryland Tourism Coalition, and the museums, cultural organizations, parks, significant sites, and private and public partnerships thru Southern Maryland.”

In general, National Heritage Areas are partnerships between the National Park Service, states, and local groups in which the Park Service supports state and local preservation through federal recognition, seed money, and mechanical assistance. Unlike lands within the National Park System, which are federally kept and managed, lands within heritage areas typically endure in the state, local, or private ownership – or a combination thereof.

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