Damar Hamlin’s Life-threatening Cardiac Arrest During an Nfl Game Angers Emily Ratajkowski. Know the Truth

American model Emily Ratajkowski was most well-known for her recurring role in the Nickelodeon show iCarly. She has also appeared in numerous films, including Gone Girl, Entourage, and Welcome Home.

Right now, Ratajkowski is one of the best models in the world. She is also a body positivity and sexual health activist as well as an Instagram influencer.

She, like many of us, is an avid sports fan. As a result, whenever Emily Ratajkowski is in town, she enjoys attending NFL tournaments. However, her participation in the games will now be in doubt due to a recent tweet she sent that confused her fans.

Why did Emily Ratajkowski post that to Twitter?

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski

The following tweet was recently sent out by Emily Ratajkowski. It’s unclear why she tweeted the controversial statement, according to people. According to the timeline, it was published shortly after Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin suffered a significant accident while tackling a player on the field.

The NFL’s handling of Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest and subsequent collapse on the field during Monday night’s game put any player’s safety in jeopardy. The fatal tackle caused the game to be postponed.

People have repeatedly questioned the violent nature of the game. In the sports world, this life-threatening incident caused a stir. Hamlin has miraculously improved since then and is on the road to recovery. He was able to write and was “awake and breathing,” according to the doctors.

NFL promised to end “race norming.”

It is now safe to say that Damar Hamlin’s tweet was in response to an accident. In response to Emily Ratajkowski’s tweet, she shared an article stating that the NFL would stop treating brain injuries according to race. Due to the violent nature of the game, NFL players frequently sustain fatal concussions on a daily basis.

Black players had a harder time showing a deficit and being eligible for an award because of this rule. According to this standard, black players had lower cognitive function from the start. A brand-new change has been implemented.

In the statement they released, the NFL stated, “The replacement norms will be applied prospectively and retrospectively for those players who otherwise would have qualified for an award but for the application of race-based norms.”

It’s possible that Emily Ratajkowski is referring to the same context and criticizing the NFL for the same reason.

NFL games
NFL games

I apologize for the distress this incident has caused Black former players and their families. The attorney who negotiated the settlement, Christopher Seeger, stated, “My goal is to regain their trust and ensure the NFL is fully held to account. In the end, this settlement only works if former players believe in it.”

despite the fact that the article that Emily Ratajkowski shared was more than a year old. This made it abundantly clear what she was attempting to convey. Even though reform has changed, it is still not being carried out properly, which is troubling. As a result, Emily Ratajkowski shares our concerns regarding the players’ safety on the field.


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