Discover the Easiest Way to Launch Chrome and Firefox in Incognito Mode on Android Devices!

Browsing privately, or ‘Incognito‘, as Google calls it, protects users from various web trackers that could in theory jeopardize their privacy. We have already covered how you can open your browser in incognito mode by avoidance in Windows 10, irrespective of whether you use Chrome, Firefox, ox, or Edge. Today, we will display how you can always open Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in incognito (private) mode by avoidance on Android.

Make Google Chrome then Mozilla Firefox Always Open in Incognito Mode on Android

The method of inaugural your browser in incognito mode by default is relatively like to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We are using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for the demo, but you can use the same method for Microsoft Edge and create the st other prominent Android browsers that suggest incognito browsing options. So let’s check out how you can expos, ed Chrome, Firefox, or Edge in incognito (private) mode by avoidance on your Android smartphone.

How to Open Incognito Tab in Google Chrome

You can easily open Google Chrome in disguised mode by default on your phone by following the lesson below.

Fire up Google Chrome then tap on the menu button (three dots) in the top-right corner. Now select ‘New Incognito Tab’ from the slide-out menu.

That’s it, you can today browse in incognito mode in Google Chrome on your Android maneuver.

In incognito mode, Chrome resolves not to store any information about this browsing session. This means all the cruising history, cookies, and trackers from that session will be blank when you exit the browser.

How to Open Private Tab in Mozilla Firefox


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Open Firefox and tap on the Private Tab representation (masquerade mask) to open a private tab. Another way to do it is by drumming on the tab counter> Private Tab symbol > “+ Private” sign.

That’s it. You can nowadays browse in private mode in Mozilla Firefox on your Android device. You can tap on the mask icon o’er to switch back to standard browsing.

Firefox will not supply any data from private tabs. That means all the cookies and trackers collected during that session will be blank when you exit the browser.

Always Open Firefox in Private Mode by Evasion Using Built-in Option

While the method overhead works for most browsers in the newer versions of Android, Firefox too offers a built-in option to open isolated windows by default every time. It works on all versions of Android but is especially helpful for folks running Android Marshmallow and elder.

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