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Fashion Police Squad Receives an Official February Console Release Date, Know Where You Can Access the Game!

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Fashion Police Squad, a funny first-person shooter with a retro aesthetic from developer No More Robot and developer Mopeful Games, is soon available on platforms.

Consoles for Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation are about to get the innovative first-person shooter Fashion Police Squad. The retro-inspired first-person shooter, which was initially launched for PC on August 2022, will be available for console players to download starting next month.

Players play the part of Sergeant Des as he battles crimes against fashion. The game was created by Finnish independent game studio Mopeful Games but was also released by No More Robots. Players must defend the city from fashion gaffes like socks with sandals and ill-fitting suits by using weapons with an apparel theme, such as the Belt of Justice and Tailormade Sewing Machine.

Fashion Police Squad’s PC version received Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam but received a distinctly mixed response overall, earning a dismal rating of 69 on Metacritic. The Metacritic user reviews for Fashion Police Squad were also average, with a 7.4/10 average.

Fashion Police Squad, controversial or not, has a following on PC.

On February 2, the console ports will be available for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5 users. On January 19, publisher No More Robots said Fashion Police Squad would be coming to consoles with a brand-new video. Time will tell if this cult classic succeeds on new platforms, despite the console release trailer’s low viewership.

Viewers may get a solid indication of what to anticipate from the bizarre FPS with throwback influences from the roughly one-minute video. Players in Fashion Police Squad race across intricately detailed environments while strafing enemies as well as dodging projectiles.

The game was inspired by classic shooter games like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D. Of course, the main distinction is that Sergeant Des’s weapons spit style rather than lead, so enemies get better looking rather than die. Fashion Police Squad has a distinctive visual style that matches its strange idea thanks to the game’s use of 2D sprites, pixelated textures, and 3D models.

The shooter’s enjoyable gameplay, inventive presentation, and challenging combat are praised by fans of Fashion Police Squad.

Fashion Police Squad undoubtedly has its admirers, despite a few glitches and the fact that not everyone feels it compares favorably to other retro-style shooters like Dusk. A lot of online inside jokes are also included, which some fans may like even though the humor might become obsolete after a few years.

Naturally, Fashion Police Squad has its detractors. Some gamers felt that the game’s difficulty spikes were unjust, while others criticized the game’s monotonous settings and lengthy fighting sequences. Fashion Police Squad is in a difficult position because it must contend with the use of a younger generation of retro-inspired shooters, and not everybody believes the game is up to the challenge.

However, console players will be able to make their own decisions when the game launches on Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox in one month.

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