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Gordon Ramsay’s Straight To The Point Attitude Will Not Change. Doesn’t Matter How Old He Gets. Know The truth

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Oh my God, I should have known better. My mother used to tell me that one day, she’d let me go out with her boyfriend. He was kind of cute but not really what you’d call attractive, so she said to him in front of his friends (and no one else) that he should stop calling her mom Mom and call her Mom instead, which he did.

And one day, after getting back home from work, she got tired and went outside to talk with the kids. As soon as she came inside, they all started laughing about how rudely they were treated on TV by the host, and they’d called themselves a bunch of idiots for being mean back.

She decided to get together with them and ask if he wasn’t acting up, but he wasn’t having any of it, insisting that she call him Dad or something, and when she’d gotten around to asking him to call her Mom, he just went ballistic and told her to leave him alone and never to speak to him again.

This story, while amusing, doesn’t apply to everyone, and the adults involved had been wrong about each other.

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But this story makes sense to me. Why does he keep using these same phrases? What do we learn from this tale? Does he think there’s some underlying truth hidden within all his self-deprecating comments, or is he just projecting himself onto others like a character in a children’s book (I know, weird!)?

Regardless of where this comes from, it’s an interesting read, especially because there are some truly offensive things in it.

Perhaps those who are offended can appreciate this lesson better. The following will be going through some of my favorite quotes from the show ‘When It’s Great, It’s Great, When It’s Sh*T, It’s Sh*T!’ and I’ll explain why and how I feel.

I like this quote from Gordon Ramsay because I can relate to it: “I don’t care whether a contestant thinks he’s amazing, I don’t care anymore whether you’re good at what you’re doing or not, I just want you to enjoy your time here so much that you’ll forget everything else you might be going through. You’re still human beings just like anyone else. Don’t get attached to someone’s status.

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Be yourself.” Even though he says it now, I always remember this quote from Gordon earlier on the show, telling the contestants, “You are part of this family now.” The thing is, even though we’ve all done stupid things on television before, we never seem to do anything right. That seems to be a common theme for everybody.

People say they’re nice, then end up swearing behind whoever they’re talking to. Then I see a couple of couples arguing and they both end up swearing. They’re trying to make an argument, but their words are just filled with so many swear words that you need another set to listen to them.

And sometimes they swear so much that everyone starts to look around nervously, waiting to hear what they’re going to say next. We’re all just fighting our best selves inside out every single moment of our lives.

To protect ourselves, we tend to act the way we would if we were dealing with actual bullies. Instead of responding to our anger, it drives us into more emotional and defensive situations.

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