Here’s a guide to Tadhla the Falcon which is a Genshin Impact quest that grants the Hunter’s Mercy achievement upon completion

Jet eventually looks for the main character to meet up with after abruptly departing after such a Golden Slumber quest in Genshin Impact. Players will discover that Jeht has, at last, found a home when they visit the Tanit Tribe. Adelphi, Masseria, & Yuften are a few of the folks Genshin Impact Travelers may encounter once they arrive at the Tanit Camp.

The player will receive one of Liloupar’s shards and a chess part for something like the Safe Shatranj chessboard in an important quest that Masseria will later deliver. The Madhya The Falcon quest in Genshin Impact must first be completed before players can earn the Hunter’s Mercy achievement.

Players must complete the Dirge of Bilqis quest chain and assist Benben in becoming better in the Rejoice With Me, For What’s Been Lost Is Now Found quest before starting the Tadhla the Falcon quest in Genshin Impact. After that, speak with Masseira who should be standing in front of his camp. Be aware that the Statue of the Seven can obscure the blue exclamation mark.

Masseria mentions his falcon, Tadhla, who hasn’t come back.

He wants the character to locate her since he thinks something is wrong.

Beat the three Fatui by locating Tadhla at the designated position. Make sure you have the appropriate Element to defeat the Anemo, Hydro, as well as Pyro Fatui Skirmishers’ shields.

Once you’ve located Tadhla, head back to Masseria to

Hero’s Wits x2

Primogems x30

Mora x22,000

The main character will be asked by Masseria to return the following day, so set the timer to 8 a.m.

The following day, Masseria asks players to join Tadhla in Genshin Impact while she hunts some Consecrated Beast. Players must first locate the bird’s trail before they can find the Consecrated Red Vulture’s lair.

Madhya advises hiding and waiting for the bird at this point, but Paimon wants to look at the Fool’s Gold. Regardless of whether players decide to wait or examine the shining location, grabbing the Fool’s Gold will instantly summon the Sanctified Red Vulture back.

Give Masseira the loot after taking down each three Consecrated Beasts to obtain:

Mora x43,500

Primogems x40

Hero’s Wits x3

Mystic Enhancement Ore x3

The quest likely finish here, however, Masseria suggested that there may be additional objectives.

So, fast-forward to the following day and chat with Masseria once more. Proceed towards the Safe Shatranj then meet Tadhla thereafter the man claims that she wants to see the main character.

Return to Masseira’s camp thereafter, locate his letter, and you’ll earn the Hunter’s Mercy award.

Hero’s Wits x3

Primogems x30

Mora x27,500

Genshin Impact is currently accessible on smartphones, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch edition is being worked on.

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