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How to Solve the Stone Symbol Puzzle in Genshin Impact. Details and Ways to Solve It.

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In the recent updates from the game of stone symbol puzzle of the Genshin Impact Sumeru is known as the Weathered Obelisk.  While searching for solving the game model, it needs a searching process that makes it easy.

Areas that get unlocked are the areas of the desert that are unlocked in Genshin Impact version of 3.4 comes with a completely different puzzle system. Players of the game can give an easy time to their hands with sand pumps which is present in the puzzle of Cascade Pool in Genshin Impact, or in the later parts even there will be changes in the symbols of some or the other stones.

Changing the symbols of the game which is generally done on the stone sounds like it’s been done previously as well. There are certain deserts like the Sumeru desert has a twist of their own and provides questions in players’ mind. As per the requirement of the players, what are the ways to solve the Weathered Obelisk’s stone symbol puzzle in Genshin Impact? Look at the guide which will explain the process.

For getting over the stage of the stone symbol puzzle in the Genshin Impact, it’s always important to familiarise one set of stones with the original set. These games always provide different kinds of puzzles and provided two groups of stones present. One of the stones has symbols that change as soon as the stones are attacked, whereas, on the other hand whatever you do, the stone is not changeable.

The goal of this puzzle is to keep hitting the set that changes until the symbols match the unchangeable group.

Note that each group’s number of stones always matches the other, and the number of stones found can vary; sometimes there’s only one stone, while other times, there can be six of them. If Travelers find it rather hard to locate the second set, keep in mind that although the groups can be far away from each other, they are always found in the same area.

Since this puzzle is rather easy, the reward is typically a simple Common or Exquisite Chest. However, there are times when players can obtain Luxurious Chest from these stones. For example, the Liloupar Cell’s Dendro Monument puzzle in Genshin Impact grants a Luxurious Chest upon completing the entire puzzle.

Weathered Obelisk is also the main key to unlocking the Fane of Panjvahe domain in Genshin Impact, where players must solve the stone symbol puzzle with a Seelie messing up the stones. After successfully finishing this task and bringing another Seelie to the court in front of the domain, the one-time challenge will unlock, allowing players to acquire 40 Primogems and five Dendro Sigils.

If players are in wish to get more no Chests, then the Weathered Obelisk puzzle in Wadi Al-Majuj is worth it, and solving is of great importance. Like the same of the  Fane of Panjvahe, this one also has a Seelie messing up with the stones, but there are more stones in the games that need to be fixed. For the trouble that arises players can earn a Precious Chest in Genshin Impact which is also important.

As per the requirements, if players have restored enough materials of the Liloupar’s fragment, they can easily remove some of the big Atmospheric Vortex which is present in the desert. Some of these vortexes are generally hidden in the Weathered Obelisk puzzles, and since the vortex disappeared demands Traveler to finish some of the quests, a big Atmospheric Vortex can hide a simple stone and a symbol puzzle that grants a high-level Chest as a reward for the players.

Genshin Impact is currently available on Mobile Phones. If players want they can play it on  PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development and that makes it quite special.

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