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Introducing to you Dr. Ebonie Vincent, Foot And Ankle Surgeon Podiatrist from ” My feet are Killing me” in Orange County, CA

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Corns? Bunions? Hammertoes? nail fungus? All of these issues and more are addressed by Dr. Ebonie Vincent in her book My Feet Are Killing Me. On the TLC reality series, this California foot, as well as ankle surgeon, displays her abilities as well as her resilience. She does not only care for the folks that have seen on the show, though. Patients who are uncomfortable being photographed can schedule an appointment with her at her Southern California location.

Numerous foot and ankle ailments are treated by the My Feet Are Killing Me celebrity.

Vincent presently serves patients from Orange County Podiatry in California after graduating from Des Moines University in Iowa and completing her residency at Inspera Health Network in New Jersey.

She is a feet and ankles surgeon who can handle a variety of ailments, including arthritis, diabetic foot problems, sports injuries, and foot deformities. Vincent takes satisfaction in attending to the specific needs of each patient.

I strive to build relationships with my patients that meet them where they are in their healing process with each patient contact, she said on the website for Orange County Podiatry. While there are common modes of treatment for some disorders, everyone has a different combination of difficulties,

I don’t just use the diagnostic that has been given; I handle every individual and their condition individually.

Make an online appointment with Dr. Ebonie Vincent.

It’s simple to schedule an appointment online if you want Vincent to examine your feet. Simply go to the Orange County Podiatry site, select schedule an appointment, and pick a time slot. Alternatively, dial 949-651-1202. Text or call 949-203-5704 to talk about your choices if you’re interested in booking an appointment to see Vincent from outside of California.

Most major insurance plans are accepted by the practice. It’s possible for individuals lacking health income to cover cash for services.

Finding My Feet Are Killing Me

You can also apply to appear on Renegade 83’s production of My Feet Are Killing Me if you’re not afraid to show the world your feet. Both Vincent’s website and the website of the production firm have details about how to apply to appear on the show.

What led Dr. Vincent to choose podiatry

Podiatry is not a field for the faint of heart, as the movie My Feet Are Killing Me makes apparent. So what motivated Vincent to focus on their feet?

She told Uptown Magazine, I chose podiatry because I like being the type of doctor who can heal things that you see.

Like a lot of the time, you’re checking for blood sugar and blood pressure, and you’re kind of pumping patients full of drugs to try to get them to normal. In the practice of podiatry, you frequently address visible conditions. I can see a shattered bone, a bunion, a wart, and a hammer toe.

She continued, Treating foot problems isn’t just about appearance or pain relief. She stated to the publication that sometimes, problems with a person’s feet can be an indication of a more serious medical issue.

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