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Japanese Airline Reveals Exeggutor-themed Airplane, Which is All Set for Taking Flight During This March 2023, Know the Truth

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In 2023, a new Pokemon aircraft with an Exeggutor theme will fly over popular tourist destinations in Japan. Exeggutor and Alolan Exeggutor are the highlighted pocket monsters on the jet’s decals this time, and another Pokemon-themed aircraft is scheduled to take flight in and around Japan. Still a special Pokemon label ambassador to a particular prefecture in the region, the Exeggutor-themed aircraft will begin its airline services slightly earlier in 2023.

To make the Pokemon brand closer to its fans, The Pokemon Company has collaborated with numerous airlines in the Asian continent over the years. The COVID-19 pandemic’s travel restrictions began to loosen in 2022, and the Pikachu Jet began operating flights out of China and Singapore.

While additional Pokemon-themed aircraft continued to fly over Japan in the previous year. The Pokemon Company is probably taking advantage of the chance to increase the exposure of the franchise and extend the Pokemon fan experience through into air now that air travel is picking back up.

Over the years, there seem to be a number of aircraft with Pokémon decals, and a new one is soon to joining the fleet.

An official Exeggutor-themed aircraft that will transport passengers into and out of Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture has been unveiled by the airline Solaseed Air. Starting in March 2023, anyone interested in getting a flight on this unique aircraft can do so.

Exeggutor & Alolan Exeggutor are featured on the airplane’s exterior, while the interior will have matching décor.

You can rest your head on Exeggutor-themed headrests and converse with flight attendants serving drinks in Exeggutor-themed disposable cups as they wear Exeggutor-themed aprons.

An announcement that a new jet decorated with Exeggutor as well as Alolan Exeggutor will begin flying across Japan from March 2023 was made on the official Pokemon Twitter account in Japan. The deluxe aircraft will take off around the Miyazaki prefecture via the regional carrier Solaseed Air. The Grass dual-type pocket monsters are the official Pokemon goodwill ambassadors in this region of Japan.

The website claims that both Pokemon will be depicted on the plane’s decals with natural landscape features such as the sun, ocean, and flowers that capture the sunny mood of said Miyazaki prefecture.

The website also provided a small 3D film that demonstrates the plane’s general appearance and how it may be perceived in the real world.

Fans will surely remember that in 2020, Solaseed Air and Pokemon collaborated to create the first Exeggutor-themed aircraft to fly. The cooperation is still going strong, and The Pokemon Group appears eager to improve both the interior and outside plane designs. Exeggutor & Alolan Exeggutor materials will also be used to decorate the jet’s interior.

This pertains to both the aprons that airline staff will wear throughout their shifts and the cups with headrests that travelers will use throughout the journey.

Unfortunately, just a few regional routes in Japan will be served by the Pokemon-themed aircraft.

This implies that Exeggutor & Alolan Exeggutor aficionados will have to fly to the nation and then schedule flights around its many regions in order to board the unique jet. In the future, The Pokemon Company should collaborate with additional foreign airlines to offer its global fanbase this exclusive Pokemon experience.


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