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Jasmine’s Life Took an Unexpected Turn When She Discovered Her Fiance Gino Palazzolo Had Been Leading a Secret Double Life Full of Lavishness and Extravagance.

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Finally, it’s time to learn about Jasmine Pineda, now she is officially known as the Girlfriend of Gino Palazzolo. Becoming the girlfriend was a 90-day journey for her. In the recent TLC show Gino also claimed about the protective nature of Jasmine. In a recent Instagram post, she said that she was protective and along with that she touches possessive.


Jasmine also officially confirmed everything in a very recent TLC show which was telecasted on October 2021. 90 days fiance said that before the last 90 days, it was completely among themselves. Considering a post of 2019 they said that the world had not expected that they will become super close within a year. In the chat towards the post they officially confirmed their first meeting as well.

The biggest difference in this relationship is the age difference between them. They also have faith and are quite compatible which will allow the relationship to flourish as well. The relationship with the fiance was official after coming out of a seven years marriage life. Though recently Gino shared his plans about proposing to her as well. Reports also claimed that Gino is in the mindset to start a family with her.

Height of Jasmine. 

According to the context of Jasmine, she had a height of around 5 feet and around 8 inches tall. If her height is measured in inches it will seem like 37-25-36.

Net Worth of Jasmine. 

Reports claimed that Jasmine had a net worth of $250 thousand million. If people see her Instagram post fans will see that she is driving a very nice car and also leads a very good and healthy life as well. Asking questions about her professional life she was an English teacher. As per a teacher she also earns more than $ 11.40 per hour. Apart from all these income sources, she is also a gym trainer as well.

What is the Age of Jasmine? 

As per reports of 2021, current age of Jasmine is 35 years.

Nationality of Jasmine. 

As per reports Jasmine Pineda’s nationality is Panamanian. She leaves in Central America and also sometimes in South America. In the updates about her family, she shared everything in a small brief. The last time she shared anything about her mother was in February 2020.

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