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Know Every Tricks About Elden Ring Fans Are Theorising About an Interesting Map Location, Know the Details

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Elden Ring players are attractive a closer look at one of the game’s strange, inaccessible map locations and ponder what its section may be. Elden Ring is full of odd locations, many of which are fully explorable and take rich lore explaining what they’re all about. Yet the map of Elden Ring is also full of seats that developer FromSoftware never included in the game. They’re quirks, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t lore allied with them, too.

One specimen of how Elden Ring’s lore has led to wild theories regarding the game’s strange map locations has to do with its final boss. The Elden Beast is said to have arrived in The Lands Between on a first-rate star.

Some have faith in this means sent it on a meteor, from which the Erdtrees and the Golden Order rather literally grew. Where this meteor landed, however, isn’t clear. Some fact about the watery area at the center of the map is covered by clouds. Others have, unlike theories.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

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A post on Reddit enquired what this location might be, and if Elden Ring’s lore made any mention of it. One player utters it’s not a land mass or island at all, but rather a sinking ship. In other words, it’s a dangerous whirlpool that the map is threatening ships to avoid. Others say it’s just a flourish by the geodesist and isn’t a location at all.

Another player theorizes that it’s part of a huge map piece FromSoftware hasn’t finished, part of the unexplorable mountain choice to the west of the Mountaintops of Giants.

The vast majority of replies in the thread are jokes, though. It’s somewhat funny because closer to Elden Ring’s launch, the yarn might feature many more theories instead of jokes. It’s been long enough that Elden Ring players English hawthorn have forgotten the lore, or are simply tired of speculating about questions they’ll not once have answers to.

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