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Lamar Odom Reveals How a Brothel Owner Tried to Kill Him With Drugs After Near-fatal Overdose, Know the Truth

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Lamar Odom has quite the background. It has been challenging for him to avoid the news. And the majority of the time for such wrong motives. The NBA legend has a history of using drugs, acting inappropriately with women, and other vices. And for that one time, he got himself into a lot of problems.

Odom revealed the truth about the moment he needed to be taken to the hospital due to an overdose in a recent special interview with TMZ. It turns out that night he didn’t overdose. That is, intentionally. Dennis Hof came up with the idea for his overdose.

The former NBA player and reality celebrity got married a month after they first met in 2009. When it became known that Odom was consuming crack cocaine, their problems arose, and his unusual actions were subsequently made public also on the Kardashian family television show.

When Lamar Odom’s lifestyle interfered with living a normal life

Lamar Odom was enjoying his life in 2015. He was attending all of those parties that many people wouldn’t dare to attend and spending his time interacting with women. He had no idea that his life was on the verge of ending, but he was still enjoying it. He discovered himself in Dennis Hof’s Nevada brothel, The Love Ranch, in October 2015.

Odom planned on making the best of his time while he was there. Nevertheless, as luck could have it, he landed in the hospital after that. The former Los Angeles Lakers player’s condition deteriorated while he was in a coma. The general consensus was that he had finally succumbed to his bad habits.

Lamar Odom made it out of his ordeal alive.

Odom survived despite suffering 12 strokes and 6 heart attacks. But there was still a mystery. The physicians determined that he overdosed and was At the Love Ranch. But he later asserted that he had no recollection of using narcotics that day.

He continued by saying that getting hospitalised that day was one of the biggest shocks of his life in TMZ Presents: Lamar Odom: Sex, Drugs & Kardashians. I might recall if I took cocaine that night, he remarked. He was aware that someone was attempting to kill him.

He was asked why, but his response was unclear. He said I’m not sure. This is all I was able to tell you. I went there, but I stayed clean that night. I ended up having drug residue in my body.

Sadly, there isn’t any chance we can be certain about this because Dennis Hof died suddenly in 2018. Isn’t it true that a drug addict’s testimony isn’t much more reliable than that of a deceased person?

This news shocked all the fans and people around his claims are very serious and they should find the truth soon.

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