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Matt Colville, the Creator of Dungeons and Dragons Content, is Developing a Brand-new Roleplaying System. Know All Details Here

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Sri ragavi newton
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Matt Colville, the well-known author of Dungeons and Dragons content, reveals that his gaming company is in the early stages of developing its own TTRPG system.

Matt Colville, the well-known author of Dungeons and Dragons content, recently announced that his game company, MCDM, would soon begin developing a new tabletop roleplaying system. Colville is a well-known creator of content for Dungeons and Dragons who got his start in TTRPGs by writing for the official Dune, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek roleplaying systems.

This announcement comes on the heels of the controversy that surrounded the recent approach that Dungeons and Dragons took to homebrew in One D&D. He is currently MCDM Productions’ founder and head of writing and design. Additionally, he co-wrote Critical Role alongside Matt Mercer: Vox Machina Origins Volume 1, and the Actual Play series’ members are good friends.

In light of Dungeons and Dragons’ recent draconian changes to the Open Game License, Colville addressed questions about the future of MCDM’s projects in a recent Twitch stream. Numerous players inquired about the “inevitable MCDM RPG.” Although he was unable to provide any specifics at this time, he made it abundantly clear that it was coming and that he wanted the game to be the best it could be.

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He stated that the system would not be “Matt Colville’s dream project,” but rather a game developed in collaboration with the best designers he could find. Additionally, he confirmed the “process that will literally start this coming Monday, January 16.”

In light of the recent actions taken by Wizards of the Coast, Colville isn’t the only creator of Dungeons and Dragons to begin a new project. The first official 5th Edition adventure paths were written by Kobold Press, a third-party Dungeons and Dragons publisher.

The company recently announced that it was working on a new TTRPG system called Project Black Flag. Kobold Press, the company behind Pathfinder, a major rival to Dungeons and Dragons, is being compared to Paizo by many fans.

All of this started when rumors spread that Wizards of the Coast was planning to crack down on homebrew in One D&D, its enduring version of 5th Edition D&D. When a draft of a new Dungeons and Dragons OGL leaked online, these rumors were almost confirmed.

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Third-party Dungeons and Dragons publishers were subject to new restrictions in this document, which also gave Wizards of the Coast ownership of all of their products.

Naturally, players of Dungeons and Dragons are dissatisfied with Wizards of the Coast at the moment. The fact that the company has yet to issue an official statement regarding the controversy has only served to aggravate fans of Dungeons and Dragons.

The likelihood that other creators of Dungeons and Dragons will begin producing content for games like Pathfinder or follow in the footsteps of MCDM and Kobold Press increases with the duration of this controversy.


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