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Matt Gutman Relationships; is He Gay or Straight, Married With Wife or Single? His Spouse’s Bio, Career, and Everything

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A popular and attractive TV reporter for the ABC network, Matt Gutman. This year, he shall turn 44 years old. He doesn’t appear to be older than 25 thanks to his fit and distinctive figure. He is blissfully married to Daphna Venyige, for all the fans. She grew up in California which was the place where she was originally born. Her upbringing was very modest and cozy.

She has developed into a loving, compassionate, and powerful person. To further her education, Daphna enrolled at the University of California. She completed her B.A. in Middle Eastern studies. Venice additionally pursued biology, naturopathy, and reflexology at Reidman College from 2004 to 2007. Western drugs and intuitive and natural methods of healing are combined in medical expertise. She has been successful because of her zest for learning new things.

Bio of Matt Gutman’s Wife

Birth Name: Maria Owings Shriver

Birth Sign: LEO

Country: USA

Born: 29 July, 198

Gender: Female

Profession: American journalist

Net Worth: $1 million

Profile: Linkedinย 

Works: Valley beth shalom early childhood center

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Height: 5 Foot 5 Inches about 165 cm

Weight: 59 KG or 130 lbs

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Green

Sexual Orientation: Straight

High School: Westland Middle School, Maryland

What does the wife of Matt Gutman do?

The career of Matt Gutman’s wife has seen many shifts, ups, and downs. She joined the ABC network as an assistant producer and desk manager. The department wasn’t the same as Matt’s. Daphne spent eight years working for the network. She left the internet in 2007 and pursued a new career in music after being married to Matt.

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She led to the birth in 2008, and she took care of her child by staying at home. She returned to music together in 2011 as a music instructor after a two-year hiatus. She mostly taught primary pupils, introducing those to songs at a young age.

The teaching graph covers music instruction for parents of children ages 0 to 4. It is advantageous for the student’s overall growth.

In 2011, Daphne served as the parent-child center’s program director when she was a teacher at Temple Beth Sholom in Miami Beach. She was employed there from 2010 to 2014. Additionally, she was a music director and teacher up until 2018.

Currently employed in the Valley Beth Sholom early childhood center as just a musical and Hebrew educator. She has a strong affinity for music. To provide a safe place for both parents and kids is the slogan of her music instruction. Children’s creativity is stimulated and their self-esteem is increased when they create new things.

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When were Matt and his wife, Matt Gutman, got hitched?

In 2005, in the ABC headquarters, she first met Matt Gutman’s wife. As a result of work, the couple met in northern Italy. They grew close and began dating as a result. Also after the first and a half decades together, the pair remains deeply in love. They exchanged vows on May 17, 2007. Only family and close friends attended the little wedding. They are not involved in any disputes, scandals, or rumors involving their personal lives. They have got in total two children, who are a daughter and a son.

Given how much they adore and cherish one another, they refer to their small world as heaven. They will shortly mark their 14th wedding anniversary. Together, Daphne and Matt like traveling.

Together, they go on vacation to exotic locations.

The couple’s Instagram is overflowing with gorgeous images of their brood. They have a few objectives for their Instagram photos. In 2008, they had their daughter Libby. Six years later, a son named Ben was born to them. Ben is currently seven years old. The kids are adorable. The pair never misses an opportunity to showcase the films and antics of their children.

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