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New Entry in the Folding Phone Wars Google Pixel Fold, Know the Expected Features

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Google may be developing a foldable device. Although Google hasn’t provided any specific information on what it has in mind for the new form factor that may coexist with the Pixel 7, we have a suspicion that it has something in mind. A few significant details have emerged, but there are few of them and several of them are contradictory.

It becomes more and more obvious that now the Pixel Fold if that’s what it will be named, is still in the far future. But do not fret at all. We’re here to precisely sort everything through the noise which has been spreading and provide you with the most accurate information that we know about the Pixel foldable.

The foldable Google device has been in development for a while.

In 2019, the business told CNET for the first time that it was testing with the form factor, but Google decided against releasing its gadget at the moment. In 2020, a Google-made foldable device with the codename “passport” was discovered in an internal Android document. Since then, rumors have been circulating, especially since the introduction of Android 12L and the announcement of a new “Jumbojack” codename.

Google Pixel Fold: Name, Appearance, and Touch

While we frequently refer to the gadget as “Pixel Fold” for simplicity’s sake, the term has not yet been officially adopted.

According to a 9to5Google story, Google may seek to rename its foldable Pixel Notepad to set it apart from other Samsung Galaxy Z Fold branding.

Due to the proximity to Samsung’s other renowned but no longer produced series, the Galaxy Note, it would be ironic enough. For whatever that’s worth, the name Logbook was also under consideration. Unless there is a formal rejection or confirmation, we will refer to it as Pixel Fold since that is the easiest to say out of these.

Given that this is a Google product, it is not surprising that leaks started to circulate before we even considered the Fold’s retail release. The first time we saw it was in an animation from Android 12L that showed a generic foldable smartphone that appeared to be the Google foldable.

For what it’s worth, numerous reports concur also that the Pixel device will mimic Samsung’s design with both the Galaxy Z Fold series, including a big outside screen that resembles a smartphone and an inside display that resembles a tablet. It’s unclear if this description applies to each of the Jumbojack & passport code names that are circulating, or even if those are two separate devices that will be made available concurrently. The codes might represent two distinct prototypes or generations of prototypes, for all we know.

What about renders? Graphics and renders are two different things. It has taken months, but now we have a look at what the Google Pixel Fold will look like when it hits shop shelves.

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