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The Grandparents of a Famous Twitch Streamer Were the Victims of Swatting, and We Have All the Details and Reports Here.

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In the recent updates from the Twitch streamers, Grandparents are the latest victims of the trend of swatting. In these games, people will make a gun that is false and will provide a threat as well.

They wanted to create a storm whoever their target is. In the reports, it is said that Twitch streamers are often the biggest victims of all these types of crimes. Many of the people who make out the pranks want the SWAT team to arrest the live streamers in real time without failure. As per the estimation of the FBI, there were more than 400 cases regarding the swatting problem.

The officials of the FBI know the problem of swatting from the year 2008. The modern-day trend of disturbing has grown up into a culture and generally happens with streamers. Reports said that Twitch Streamers are the biggest target. In the year 2019, Fortnite World Cup winner Kyle Giersdorf was also swatted while he was streaming live on various platforms. Swatting nowadays is not just a prank it is also injurious to health and can cause death as well.

Twitch streamer and the official of the Legend League game claimed on their Twitter that last night someone did try to swat her and sent a special weapon team to her grandparent’s house as well. The SWAT team is knowledgeable and they burst in just like they should be called in the crisis period.

Unfortunately, it’s really bad because it can hurt the homes and health of the Twitch Streamers. One of the streamers from the decent of Singapore said on stream that her grandparents were not harmed. They spoke very little English with them and became very scared.

Twitch officially states that swatting is when someone complains about a report and completely lies about the services which are urgently required. They generally dispatch a large number of armed police officers to different addresses.

A swatter named Tyler Barriss was charged with making an interstate hoax that only became the cause of his death later. The maximum penalty for the hoax is a lifetime sentence in prison but luckily Barriss was sentenced to 20 years.

Swatting as per claims is a serious problem because it wastes the time of the officers and later the police officers generally by getting the wrong information and destroys the property of the victims only. The so-called pranksters can give an easy heart attack to the elderly members of the family. The latest case is from 2020 where a prankster swatted with a 60-year-old guy asking about his Twitter handle and claimed to have it.

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