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The Steps To Follow In Genshin Impact, So To Restore Power To The Left Arm. Know the Latest Updates

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Since the release of Genshin Impact, players have been scrambling to figure out how to restore power to the left arm. The Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part II quest is a key part of this process, and we’ve got all the information you need to complete it.

The initial step was to talk with Paimon at the Adventurers’ Guild in Mondstadt. Paimon will tell you that you need to find three statue fragments to restore power to the left arm. These fragments can be found in the Liyue and Mondstadt regions.

Once you have all three fragments, return to Paimon and she’ll give you a quest item called the Drowned Ophelia. This item must be placed on the statue in the Temple of Depth in Liyue Harbor. Doing so will cause a powerful water current to appear, which you must ride throughout the temple.

At the end of this waterway lies a chest containing another quest item, the Winding Key. Take this key back to Paimon and she’ll give you your final task: finding and activating four ancient seals scattered across Liyue and Mondstadt. Once these seals are activated, power will be restored to your left arm!

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The game features a massive, gorgeous open world to explore, with a variety of characters to meet and things to do. One of the things you’ll need to do in the game is restored power to the left arm, which can be done by completing the “Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part II” quest. To complete this quest, you’ll first need to find the Left Arm statue in the domain of Dunyu Ruins.

Once you’ve found it, you’ll need to use Anemo (wind) or Cryo (ice) elements to break it open and reveal the treasure inside. After that, all you need to do is return to Liyue Harbor and give the treasure to Tiana. Doing so will complete the quest and restore power to the left arm. This is just one of the many quests you’ll come across in Genshin Impact, so be sure to explore everything the game has to offer when it releases later this year!

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The game is set in the world of Teyvat, with players taking the role of “the Traveler”, who is on a journey to find their lost sibling. Towards to path, players have to face many characters, and every character has a different story.

One of these characters is Amber, who requests the help of the player in restoring power to her left arm. To help Amber, the player must first complete the quest “Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part II”. This quest requires the player to collect 5 Windwheel Aster flowers and 5 Glacial hearts.

The flowers can be found in Stormterror’s Lair, while the hearts can be obtained from frozen chests in Dragonspine.

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