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Unveiling the Mystery of Tony Bennett’s Better Half: Susan Crow. Have You Ever Wondered What Their Age Gap is or How They Met? Let’s Discover More About This Amazing Couple!

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Tony Bennett and Susan Crow have been married for over 20 years. They met when Bennett was 78 and Crow was 46. He is a famous American Singer who has won 19 Grammy Awards. He is also a popular actor and musician.

He is a former news producer and television executive. She is the co-founder of the software company Free & Clear, which provides online tools to help people quit smoking. The couple is blessed with two children together named Anthony and Antonia. Also, 4 grandchildren.

Crow has said that Bennett is the love of her life and that she can’t imagine being without him. Crow values her husband a lot and calls him “rock” as he is always available whenever she needs him.

Despite the significant age difference, the couple has always been happy together. Susan is Tony’s second wife. His first wife was Patricia Beech 1952-1971.

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Bennett also has four other children from previous relationships. Bennett’s career began in the 1940s, and he is still actively performing today. Susan is Tony’s biggest fan and supporter. She often accompanies him on tour and attends his concerts.

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 07: (L-R) Susan Benedetto and Tony Bennett attend the 7th annual Exploring the Arts gala at Cipriani Wall Street on October 7, 2013, in New York City. (Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images)

They met in college and both pursued successful careers in the music industry; Tony as a singer and Susan as a songwriter and producer. In recent years, they have been working on a joint album, which is yet to be released. While they are no longer together, Tony and Susan remain on good terms for the sake of their children.

They often still work together on musical projects. Most recently, they collaborated on a duet of “The Way You Look Tonight”, which was released in 2016. Even though they are no longer romantically involved, it is clear that Tony Bennett and Susan Crow still have a great deal of respect and affection for one another.

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Tony Bennett and Susan Crow met in 1987 and married four years later. They have one child together, Antonia, who was born in 1993. Bennett has two other children from his first marriage, Dora and Joanna, both of whom are Crow’s stepchildren.

The couple has been very private about their relationship over the years but they are known to be very supportive of each other’s careers. In 2012, Crow founded the Tony Bennett Foundation which is dedicated to preserving the art of music and helping young people access education.

Bennett is also a big supporter of his wife’s work as an advocate for social justice. The pair resides in New York City with their daughter Antonia. They also have a home in Beverly Hills, California.

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