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What Fans Really Think About Princess Mae’s Drama With Her Boyfriend! Know All the Secrets Here!

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Fans of Bretman Rock are well aware of the affluence and tight-knit bond he and his sister besides social media influencer Princess Mae share, aside from rare minor hiccups throughout their relationship.

Afterward a viral physical altercation between Princess and her ex, Bretman is complete to defend his sister.

Princess is a YouTuber that has been complex in many controversies. There’s no doubt that Youtube is an affected place filled with lots of breakups.

Princess Mae first converted popular on YouTube and Vine thanks to collaborations with Bretman. The brethren made pretty popular videos composed.

Princess was a sole teen mom who inspired many young girls. She often encompassed her daughter in the videos she printed together with Bretman. After Cleo was born, Princess found herself a new-fangled boyfriend named Chris.

They created a YouTube channel together named LovingUs Family. After this, Chris suddenly was very vigorous on social media platforms, and he smoothly was on Bretman’s channel a couple of times. Nevertheless, he wasn’t liked by all and sundry. A lot of people thought Chris stood as a clout chaser and used Bretman and Princess for approval.

Princess Deleted All of Their Videos Together

At one point, Princess acknowledged via DM that she had to cut ties with her YouTube domestic channel with Chris wholly, and here’s why.

There’s a screenshot of Princess’ answer to a fan regarding this topic. Princess said, “Why I removed videos of Chris on my YouTube… Have you seen all of the abhorrence comments of Chris? People are so negative, and it was not respectable for me to look at them while I’m pregnant. I obliterated it to start all over.”

The negative comments about the couple didn’t stop them, and they had their first baby together named Ezékiel. Yet, rumors started going around about Princess and Chris breach up.

Princess’ Break Up With Chris

Princess Mae
Princess Mae

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Bretman and Princess inveterate the ending of the relationship between her and Chris by liking a post from a worker named Brenda M that said, “Princess Mae’s baby daddy blocked me because I called him a fuckboy, lol. He ain’t s**t & I’m miserable for her.”

Then Princess answered some comments on Instagram confirming that their relationship it’s officially completed. She wrote, “I did the whole thing that I could to keep my family together and set aside everyone else happy. I felt the need to let him go now that I realized it was not profitable to stop. I pray for him.”

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