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After a Great Deal of Effort and Dedication, Google Chrome is Eliminating Its Screenshot Option. Know the Details

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It has been reported that more than a year ago, the developers of Google Chrome started working on developing a tool that will help to edit the screenshot. The editing was planned to make available on the desktop browser only.

The very first feature of Chrome was named Canary Version 98. The tool got its functionality after several years of successful work. Now after all the hard work, the Chromium officials were saying that they are in all plans to dismiss the screenshot tool.

Engineers of the development team had already submitted the changes to the Chrome Open source. The changes displayed that they have removed all the traces of the screenshot tool from the browser. In that same updates, some new features are also been talked about though something great is in development. The recent changes are officially summarised by Google.

As per all the reports it generally takes about 10 weeks for Chromium to make all the changes. The officials said that there will be still some times when all kinds of respect can be given to ill-fated features.

To make the screenshot enable following these steps.

chrome://flags/#sharing-desktop-screenshots, then the user can easily activate the editor at the chrome.//flags/#sharing- desktop-screenshots-edit. After doing all these the user of the computer needs to restart the desktop browser. Then from the Omnibox click the Share Icon. Highlight the area of the screenshot and then click The Edit on the popup menu so that the doomed feature is available.

All these types of changes are available for the screenshot editor only. The feature of screenshot edit will be available after some time as per their claim. The screenshot option is useful to highlight a portion of the page. To get the screenshot the option should be enabled first.

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