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Are You Wondering Why Your Imessage Isn’t Working? Uncover the Complete Answers to This Perplexing Question Here!

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iMessage links friends, family, and colleagues effortlessly. But at times after you are about to send a text, a pop-up might look saying ‘iMessage needs to be enabled to send this message.’ This regularly happens after informing your device.

1. Ensure iMessage is enabled

Open Settings, scroll down and tap Messages.

Make sure the fastening for iMessage is green, and there is no message beneath it like iMessage coming up for activation.

2. Enable and disable Airplane mode

This is a pretty laidback and quick thing to try before going for other complex keys.

Swipe down from the screen’s upper left to open the Control Center. If you have an iPhone through the Home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Following, tap the Airplane icon. It will become orange. Afterward, after 30 seconds, tap again to disable it.

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3. Force quit the Messages app

After you trail the above solution (Airplane mode on and off), force-quit the Messages app. To do this, go to the App Switcher on your iPhone.

On iPhone through Face ID, swipe up from the bottom and hold. If your iPhone takes a double-press, quickly double-press it. You will get all currently open apps. Close the Messages app by tedious its card up. After 15 seconds, open the Messages app again and try to transfer the text.

4. Check the iMessage server status

In rare suitcases, the fault might not be yours but Apple’s. To check this, cranium over to their System Status Page and if you get a green dot next to iMessage, that’s good news. If it is yellow or red, before iMessage is down, Apple is working to tool the fix.

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It may take a few notes to a few hours for everything to return to standard.

5. Restart your iPhone


This quick solution the lot wonder in solving several problems like ‘iPhone says cannot send a message using iMessage needs to be enabled.’ To pick up your iPhone use the buttons first to turn it off and, after a tiny message sit back on.

6. Delete stuck messages or conversation

At times, eradicating the stuck, failed message from the conversation can help strengthen the way for new messages to be sent efficaciously.

To do this, open the Messages app and go to the talk. Long-press the failed message and delete it. Now, try to send a new-fangled message again. If this does not work, delete the entire talk and try sending the message.

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