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As Fans Eagerly Await the Return of Magnum Pi Season 5 Possibly Have in Store for Our Beloved Duo of Thomas Magnum and Higgins? All Updates

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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NBC has finally given over a new promo for Magnum PI season 5 … and let’s just say they are degenerative with no time on the Magnum & Higgins obverse.

After all, it touches as we can now 100% confirm that things are going to be very hot and very heavy for Jay Hernandez and then Perdita Weeks’ characters almost immediately when the show returns! In a new-fangled promo posted on Twitter today, you can see the two in the shower together. Recall that picture of Magnum in the shower earlier this week? As it turns out, that was a fair individual piece of the puzzle.

We must note that in addition to the Magnum / Higgins content we have here, this promo also features action and some hidden work — including that episode where Thomas and Juliet become rescuers!

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That’s something we first heard near last year. Hopefully, this serves as a reminder that there are no strategies for the show to dramatically change for an upcoming lot of episodes. The writers are adding a bit of love, but that’s not taking away from everything else you see and love. There are going to be individual cases still and chances to see a lot of characters in approximately high-octane sequences.

When the dust relaxes here, we 100% think that NBC is kicking off the next month-plus for Magnum PI season 5 in an incredibly thrilling way. There’s probably a lot more great stuff to come, and we contemplate they are going to work especially hard to make viewers aware that the demonstration has a new network home. It’s been an extended road since CBS initially canceled it a latter year, but we tend to think it will prove very much useful in the end.

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