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Everything About Whitney Scott Mathers: Eminem’s Youngest Daughter Who Now Goes by the Name Stevie Laine, Details Here

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Eminem has continuously been one of the best rappers in the world. But beyond his knocking skills that we all have boffin of, he is also a domineering father. I mean who doesn’t know his argument with Machine Gun Kelly over his remarks on Em’s daughter? r Haile. But maximum of us already know about Halie. Em has recited her or used her name in frequent songs of his.

But, did you see Eminem has two more daughters as well? One of them is Whitney Scott Mathers aka Stevie, the earliest among the Mathers sisters. So, now you know she is also the offspring of Eminem. But, did you know Stevie is accepted by Eminem? And, Stevie is as beautiful as Halie besides is 20 now. Em took her in when he resigned from his relationship with his long-term on-and-off husband Kimberly.

Early Life

Congenital on 16th April 2002 in St. Joseph, Missouri in the United States of America, Laine is known as the descendant of Eminem. However, Stevie isn’t Em’s life child. In fact Laine is the love child of Kimberly Anne Scott per her boyfriend Eric Hartter. Kimberly started seeing Hartter soon after her divorce from Eminem. It is presumed that Kim was having an affair with Eric through her marriage tenure with the rap god. As a result, things become sour and Kim and Slim Shady finally divided their ways.

Already 20 now, Laine has maybe graduated from high school. She now lives with Eminem besides his two daughters. She is blessed with two daddies and four grandparents.

From Eminem’s cross, she has Grandmother D, Deborah R. Nelson Mathers, and grandfather Marshall Bruce Mathers. Congenital to Eric Hatter, she has also grandparents Marie Hartter besides Kathleen Sluck. Eminem tries hard to keep her life private so that she container enjoy her childhood without any arguments and rumors.

Why did Eminem Adopt Her? 


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Whitney had a concerning childhood as her both parents weren’t always accessible to her. They were dealing with their problems without prioritizing Whitney’s childhood. As a child, she didn’t get to spend time with her biological dad Eric as he was continually running with the laws. Eric Hartter was a specialized tattoo artist. who had been stated to be involved in different criminal activities. As of this, he had been sent the most portion of his life behind the bars.

As her mom was unable to raise her following her drug addiction and her organic father was a criminal behind the bars, Eminem took the result to adopt her. Eminem has passed through a concerning childhood and he doesn’t want other children to pass through the same situation. That’s why he assumed Whitney so that he could make her future bright. He legally accepted Whiney Scott Mathers in 2005.

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