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“Exploring the Darkness of Star Trek: What Set Deep Space Nine Apart and Made It a Fan-favorite Despite Its Grittier Tone”

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Since its formation in the late 1960s, Star Trek has become identified for many things, both good and bad. The franchise helped pioneer the sci-fi type on the small screen and came up with incredible technology. It formed a rich and compound history and array of philosophies that continue to grow even today.

It is situated also responsible for some truthfully awful episodes, and some characters have many demands they could forget. However, a dark and gritty tone was somewhat not normally associated with the package. At least, that was correct until Deep Space 9 came along, and changed the permit forever.

Nowadays, countless fans find fault in Discovery and Picard in life too dark, gritty, and political, veering absent from what Star Trek was supposed to be near. Firstly, Gene Roddenberry’s vision for the demonstration was to set an example of a perfect future for humanity. In his future, race, sex, and ethnicity were unimportant. Peace was the fundamental goal for all the Federation strove for.

While baddies still were in the drastically different-looking Klingons, it was constantly a case of good versus evil. Enemies like the Klingons were replaced as antagonists but never villains, and there was always some goodness inside them. The main villain of Star Trek in the former days was evil itself. The reality, though, was that Deep Space 9 was far darker. What’s extra, it was made before any of these ‘new’ repetitions into the franchise that receive protests today.

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Deep Space 9

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DS9 is sometimes endangered to taking things too far. In the iconic episode “In The Pale Moonlight,” the hero of the demonstration, Captain Benjamin Sisko, involuntary crosses the line to help save the Federation from the bane of the Dominion. His actions arguably make him a war wrong, as he underhandedly orders the homicide of a foreign dignitary to operate the Romulan empire into joining the war counter to the Founders.

The episode shows Sisko expecting his actions. He tries to convince both himself and the viewers that he did the right thing, even if it cost him, as Garak himself states, ‘the integrity of a good man.’

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While this episode hypothetically takes the crown for the darkest minute in Star Trek history, there are adequately other examples of traumatic, gritty moments distributed throughout the series. In the extra episode, “For The Uniform,” Sisko once again marks the line. His actions result in an entire earth, a previous haven for the ‘terrorist’ characters of the Marquis, dilapidated.

While this alone is a drastic action, it gets significantly worse. Sisko lurks to poison the planet’s atmosphere while the Marquis is still there, swearing mass murder if they do not renunciation. Once again, these are the actions of a man who, contempt of what many others might think, had no choice. The use of chemical warfare is not ever the right choice, but these were anxious times.

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