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Have You Ever Wondered What the Term “Highpockets” Means in Dark Winds? Let’s Find Out!

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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The first incident of Dark Winds (S1, E1: “Monster Slayer”) introduces viewers to the characters and conflicts that describe season one. Consequently, when Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn of the Navajo Tribal Police drives to meet with Agent Leland Whitover of the FBI, the tautness is thick.

Lieutenant Leaphorn remnants disgruntled that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has failed to make any gifted leads in the mysterious death of his son, Joe Jr. Also, Lieutenant Leaphorn has a new killing to solve while Agent Whitover accuses the reservation of being behindhand the armored truck heist in Gallup, Novel Mexico.

The hostility presents many issues and misunderstandings among Native Americans and Caucasians. Lieutenant Leaphorn is persuaded that the FBI and the respite of the federal governmemaintainnce little about indigenous people or resolving their crimes. It’s a lack of understanding that Agent Whitover demonstrates regularly throughout the course. It chiefs to Lieutenant Leaphorn referring to the FBI Agent as “High Pockets”, but what just does that mean?

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What Does “Highpockets” Mean in Dark Winds?

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In the 196high pocketsckets” was a pejorative slang term that referred to the initial World War II generation. The notion late the term was that people in a position of control tended to dawn very high-waisted pantsThehe waistband was often drawn up above the navel important to the slang term.

As is the circumstance in Darhigh pocketsighpockets” is not a term of blandishment. Rather, the slang references a discrete that is presented with a position of high standing yet is wholly undeserving of authority. For this reason, the being is either ignorant or incompetent, important to poor leadership.

Urban Lexicon, which is always a decent source for a laugh, adds about the sense behind high pocket sets”

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Today, a “high pocket” could officially be a man or woman and a member of any race. However, in the 60s, high pockets were normally white allowing Lieutenant Leaphorn to utilize the slang term in a derogatory fashion in Dark Gales. It’s clear that Agent Whitover isn’t a fan of the term when he answers bitterly in the first episode, “What did I tell you about profession me that?”

But, the decision for the writing team of Dark Winds to include the slang term into the language of the show is a keen move. “Highpockets” represents an individual, system, and ideology that Lieutenant Leaphorn opposes. Besides, it references the extreme conflict and divide that has been paid to Native Americans being mistreated for periods by the U.S. government.

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